GHRP2 whoopin that ass

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  1. nkosibaas

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    Got a vial of GHRP2 and GHRP6 to test. I'm three weeks out from a powerlifting meet and having trouble keeping appetite up. I decided to start with the GHRP2 since everyone seemed to imply that the hunger on GHRP6 is too intense.

    Nothing I read prepared me for the speed or strength of this pep.

    Y'all I went hypo on 200mcg within about 30 seconds post IM inject. Pouring sweat, feeling weak and nauseous, shaking...the whole nine.

    After holding out the 20 minutes to not blunt the GH pulse I went to the kitchen and smashed 8 or 10 eggos with peanut butter and syrup and washed it down with a 1k calorie gainer shake - and still went to bed hungry.

    Thought maybe it was a bad reaction or overheated (just showered) so I tried it the next morning and almost couldn't drive to work. Had to pull into a McDonald's and crush two deluxe breakfasts and a sausage biscuit.

    WTF dude? I thought this shit was supposed to be milder....
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  2. Gerard

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    you using CJC 1295 also?
  3. J DUGIN

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    Who is the the source?

    I have had mild flushing with GHRP and GHRH combo but nothing quite as strong as what you are describing.
    GHRP 2 does immediately make me hungry as well.
  4. nkosibaas

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    Nah mane, not running it for the GH bennys - strictly to stimulate appetite.

    Xpeptides is the source, they're def gtg. Just really shocked at the potency
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  5. Redrum42

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    Is it possible it was just hypoglycemia? Kind of sounds like it.
  6. Burrr

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    You positive you got your mixture right? Micrograms per IU that kind of thing
  7. nkosibaas

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    Yea man, honestly I thought that was the problem at first too but the math is pretty easy.

    Reconstituted 5g GHRP2 w/ 2.5ml bac water
    .10 mark on syringe (1cc/100iu slin barrel) = 200mcg

    Yea I'm pretty positive that was the issue. Like I said - hypo in 30 seconds.
  8. Burrr

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    I've had some pretty crazy Hunger feelings from ghrp-6, never tried the two. One thing I did notice that may just be coincidence, but after I stop taking ghrp-6 I hardly have much appetite at all. Makes it really easy to cut