GHRPs And Cancer Growth Risk - Your Opinion?

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by TownTX, Aug 3, 2019.

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    I remember using these peptides mainly GHRP 6 back when i was 18 and 19 years old. I used to get great results from them, using them to control fat gain while bulking on a cycle. Even eating 5000+ calories per day on a dirty bulk with no cardio i used to stay lean and notice barely any fat gains.

    Between then and now though i had a nasty 3 years of smoking 30-50 cigarettes a day. And i spent a few months binging on cocaine and amphetamines to the extent of overdose on multiple occasions. An average recreational night of cocaine for me back then would usually be enough to kill multiple people. Been clean of that for a couple of years though.

    I'm back bulking and noticing a concerning large amount of fat gain at an alarming rate. Could possibly be down to my new Seretide inhaler? i Hear it can reduce hormone levels including GH.

    Thinking of getting back on the peps to help reduce fat while bulking. A little concerned about the supposed link between cancer and peptides though. I just have this fucked thought of having a couple of unknown cancerous cells. Taking peptides for 6 months and ending up on my death bed lol. Probably far from accurate but still a concern!

    Whats your opinion on these GHRP's and similar? Would they likely cause cancer from a few cancerous cells? Or would you have to actually have full blown cancer for it to be of concern?
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    If you have cancer or have had it in the past, stay away from any GH, MK, GHRP, etc.
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    Holy frickin crap man - 30-50 cigs a day?

    This question has kept me away from GH as well. Looks like I need to get a test before I try it. GH and the like would definitely grow cancer cells.
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    I don't have cancer to my knowledge.

    But lets be honest. Who actually knows if they have a few cancerous cells somewhere in the body?

    In an ex smoker like myself, i find it likely that i at least will have mutilated cells... Although i only smoked for 3 years.
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    Well for the first year i smoked about 20-30 a day. Then the second and third year something like 30-50 roll ups each day.

    I know GH without a doubt will cause growth.

    But do GHRPs share the same problem? Done research and it seems really mixed. Some studies show GHRPs cause growth of certain types of cancer. Some say no link between peptides and cancer can be found. Others say they cause growth of all cancer lol.
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    Blood work or spin the wheel. :D
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    This, even with bloodwork, it will be a spin.

    This whole enhanced bb'ing is spin the wheel haha
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    Life is a spin if you want to get technical but I'm with you 100%.

    Even if things work and he gets to where he wants to be,,,,chances are the growth will come too fast and joints and tendons will be destroyed. Therefore rendering him unable to smoke 50 cigs a day. Win. Win.:D
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