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    Hello everyone,

    Good evening Meso members. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Tiny, the owner of Giant Laboratories. Before I begin my introduction I would like to disclose that yes I have been a Meso member for quite some time, but due to old post information I will not disclose my previous handle. Giant labs is not affiliated with any previous “sourcing handle”, nor will GL have any reps on this board. I will be answering all inquiries personally. US Domestic delivering to your door in 4/5 days from date of payment.



    WICKR: Giant_Laboratories


    First and foremost thank you to anyone and everyone who gives Giant Labs the opportunity to gain your business. As stated before, I have been around MESO and other boards for roughly 7-8 years now.
    The goal here at GL is to provide customers with both clean and quality gear, while remaining completely anonymous and safe. Our gear is filtered through a bottle top filtration system, and overdosed 15% to ensure accuracy. Lab coats, masks, and gloves are worn at all times during the sterilization, brewing, and bottling phase. All equipment is soaked in an alcohol based solution for 2 hours, and then baked for 2.5 hours at 450 degrees. All rubber stoppers are soaked for 1.5 hours in an alcohol solution and then covered and air dried before use.
    GL will also be providing a few compounds in raw form for those who wish to purchase them. GL uses a few different Chinese sources for our raws, and will be offering $250 credit for the first 8 customers who provide lab analysis on either our Raw or finished product. In addition to this, the first 10 individuals to post UNCAPPED bloodwork will receive $200 in store credit, and $100 for each person after the initial 10.
    I fully understand that Giant Labs will be vetted and need to prove ourselves to the community, and please know that SECURITY is our number one priority alongside of clean and completely sterile gear. All communications are done through our secure email, and every conversation is erased after 14 days from the expected date of delivery. Tracking will only be provided if you have not received your product from 7 days of payment. No customer details will ever be kept, with absolutely no exceptions.
    We will ship products 3 days each week, and only access the Protonmail account using a VPN and secure browser. Each bottle of finished product has a batch number assigned to it which consists of roughly 100 bottles. If there should ever be an issue, the entire batch will be pulled pending results. The carrier oil for ALL finished products will always be GSO. Below I have provided a list of all of our current products.


    I am able to post pictures of of our Raws to show that we indeed have quite a large stock on hand. As far as finished product, I am quite opposed to posting pictures of our finished product as I would prefer our logo, and bottle appearance to stay completely off of the internet.


    All orals are in the process of being pressed into tablets. In the meantime our Orals come in capsule and liquid form. All liquid orals are suspended in grain alcohol. Capsules available upon request. **PLEASE SHAKE**

    **If you took the time to read the Introduction I greatly appreciate this and hope to hear from you all soon. Giant Labs, as any other lab is not perfect. But, as I will be answering all inquiries personally, I would like to say that I am completely open to any suggestions to better improve our customer service. If any issue shall arise, I will address it immediately and go above and beyond to make things right. No Lab or individual is perfect, but working towards complete anonymity and safety is the goal as I value my freedom as I am sure you do as well.


    $15 flat fee

    4/5 days Delivery

    Overnight shipping is NOT available


    Test E 250mg $30

    Test E 500mg $45 (limited)**

    Test Cyp 200mg $30

    Test Ace 100mg $30

    Test Prop 100mg $20

    SUST 250mg $40

    Trestolone Ace 100mg $60 (limited)**

    tren Ace 100mg $35

    Tren E 200mg $45

    Test no Ester 100mg $25 (contains guaiacol)

    Tren no Ester $35

    Deca 250mg $40

    Deca 500mg $50 (limited)**

    NPP 100mg $25

    Mast E 200mg $40

    Mast Prop 100mg $30

    Primo E 200mg $60 (limited)***

    EQ 250mg $40


    D-BOL 50MG $35

    Anadrol 50MG $40

    Anavar 25MG $45

    LADY VAR 10MG $35

    WINSTROL 25MG $35

    SUPERDROL 50MG $45

    aromasin 25MG $50

    adex 1MG $45

    nolvadex 20MG $40

    clomid 20MG $40

    PROVIRON 50MG $40


    Test Cyp $3/g

    Test Prop $3/g

    Tren Ace $4/g

    Tren E $5/g

    Deca $4/g

    NPP $4/g

    Winstrol $5/g

    Mast Prop $3/g

    Mast E $5/g
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  3. First cool guy (me)
  4. kdq99

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    1. Why are you here?
    2. Where are your testing results / pics of product with crumpled paper and meso written on it with today's date?
    3. Where are the boob pics with Meso written on them?
    4. It's not new source friday... gtfo!
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    wife's titties please before we proceed any further
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    I am here to provide quality finished and raw compounds to those who choose to order. As many sources in the past, I am offering $250 in store credit to the first 8 people to post lab analysis on either our finished or raw product. If I was to send in my own product, there would be much less credibility. As for the boob pics, at my age finding a woman wiling to post her naked body online, is not very likely.
  7. Won't post pics, then no one should waste their time.
    You obviously haven't been a member that long or you'd realize that your intro blows and you come off like a scammer.

    GTFO and try again after you have proof that you actually have the means to brew and fulfil orders.
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    I was completely aware that I would be vetted by choosing to source on Meso, but in my introduction it states that I would post pictures of my raw supply to show member I have the means to brew and fulfill orders.
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    Send your own products in. That way we can spot check and the results bring the same builds credibility.

    Do you label vials with batch numbers?

    You missed all the pretty pictures. And your excuse is total bullshit. Some over eager noob is going to get his first TD and want to prove his excitement to the world by posting Gear Porn.
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  10. To see if he can scam a few noobs.

    i'm sure he'll have them in a few weeks after he talks it over with the other scammers, i mean team members and gets their approval. Meanwhile, he'll try to collect a few orders.

    He doesn't feel comfortable posting pictures. Might breach his security because he's a clueless idiot.

    My thoughts exactly!
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    You are completely right, but I am still in hopes that this will not happen. I am all for sending in both raw and finished product for testing. In addition to this, I will still honor the $250 in store credit for the first 8 to send in.
  12. Should have had all that ready. Let me guess, it'll take a few days that turns into a few more days, but you'll still accept orders.

    Again, GTFO.
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    You’re a fucking scammer. Trest at 100mg/ml at $60. WhErE dO I sEnD my cOiN derp derp derp?
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    I did not make an account here on Meso, spend the time to write an introduction and price list, in hope of scamming someone for a few hundred dollars. I am a business man and a man of my word. I am here to do exactly as I said, and with no hidden agenda.
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    Trest ace is currenty low stocked with no plans to restock it. And to answer your question. As stated in my intro, all finished product are labeled with batch numbers. Each batch is roughly 100 bottles.
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    You are no doubt aware there’s already a shitty Giant Lab on BOP that also sells raws. You wouldn’t be trying to capitalize off of the confusion?
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    I am not a member of BOP nor was I aware of any lab by the same name as mine.
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    Outside of your words(s), do you have any proof you sell anything?
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    I stopped reading at "overdosed 15% to ensure accuracy". Apparently you have a different meaning of accuracy.
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    Why even in the fuck would you come here without

    1. Pics of equipment
    Any fucko can google “how to sterilize lab equipment”
    2. Pics of the fucking raws??? Why say you can?? Just do it you already know (should) we’re going to need to see it?

    Your intro sucks shit. And I have to agree with bigbaldy.. trest a 100 for 60? Fuck yourself nobody wants your shady ass trest

    First page already coming to a screeching halt