Giant lump on my dick after first pin help quick!!!

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  1. just kiddin

    What’s up everyone new dude here hailing from NC. Not new to the game but definitely not as smart as the lot of you on this board.
    Currently 5’9” 205 16% roughly and at week 3 of a pct blend I picked up a while back including nolva and proviron. I know it’s frowned upon to use proviron during pct because it’s suppressive but the wife doesn’t take breaks and it’s low dose.

    In the past I’ve stuck to 10-12 week test e cycles anywhere between 500mg-750, but with a career change in my future I’m looking to expand. Scrubbed a couple other forums and this one caught my interest the most, so here I am. Thanks for accepting this old man and look forward to learning.
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    How old are you?
    Welcome to Meso and you got me with that one.
  3. There’s a like for you. Got me with that title as well. Welcome home!
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  4. 33 but I feel like I’m 60 if that counts for anything. Thanks fellas
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    LOL, I was ready to have some fun based on your thread title! Welcome bro.
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  6. That title tho hahhaha
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    Lmfao welcome bro
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    Lmao I thought he shot himself in The dick
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    The needle goes in your ass man:eek:
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  10. I knew I had to grab the attention of the boards haha. Pleasure is all mine fellas, I been creeping for a while jacking info through out the forum.
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  11. But my buddy said.....
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    I’m very disappointed right now....