Girls not allowed?

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    I know it wouldn't make you as moody as getting pregnant- bitches go coocoo for cocoa puffs once that uterus starts kickin!
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  2. Thats a good question , the effects of anabolic steroids and birth control pills . Maybe one of the doctors here will chime in , or one of the seem to have a nice fitness model physique . Keep lifting for yourself and all of us guys ! :D
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    Diff too young to be coco[:eek:)] hahaha I was bipolar and most of the time passive aggressive. I remember my boyfriend getting me mad, so I kept calm and replaced his protein powder with nesquik chocolate milk powder:rolleyes: Now being off of it, I am back to normal:)
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    When my next cycle starts, I will be off birthcontrol, maybe I will make more gains that way, or my local supplier might have dosed it wrong. I'll never know:( Thank you:) I'll be sure to put you guys to shame;)
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    Was bipolar? You'll have to tell me how to get rid of it sometime. I have been medicated since I was 11 and every time I hop off meds I end up breaking someone's head open in spectacular fashion and doing some county time. I have just resigned myself to my ssri/lamictal cocktail because I eat all the ativans and seroquel the day I get them. Not so good for my sobriety.

    Nesquick for protien powder is pretty devious.
  6. You might want to check out this article by Bill Roberts. It doesn't address birth control but it has some great info on Anadrol which Roberts favors for women.

    What are the Best Steroids for Women?
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  7. Don't go off the Lamictal for starters. Why the SSRI... depressive/anxious symptoms?

    If you're not happy with your current meds, a good psychopharmacologist can help you find something you are happy with.
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    I'm not sure if I can help you:( I'm normally a calm easy-going person. sorry</3
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    Thank you, I'll be sure to be ready for my next cycle:)
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    im sure birth control plays a MAJOR part in all of this....and to think cheque drops were brought about so that female dogs (i would've said bitches but that's to vague these days) wouldn't get pregnant while in heat
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    I will be off birthcontrol on my next cycle. Interesting article
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    and as for the SSRI's im on them too. So if you've got some questions with gear and depression and all that stuff we love so much feel free to ask
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    The ssri actually helps me with ocd symptoms... I start having this thing about locking doors. All the doors are unlocked. I have to turn around halfway to work and check if the door I just checked was actually locked when I checked it. Then it eats away at my mind and I get on edge. Little things become big things. Same sad story- and I am on my third strike for felony assault- I just take the fucking pills.

    I was on seroquel, aderall, lamictal, lexapro, ativan, prozac and some nexium because all the meds made my stomach bleed. I found through trial and error and a doctor who is patient and 22 years sober to find out that lexapro makes up for a major seratonin deficiency and lamictal keeps me from snapping. Seroquel worked much better for me but it was addictive for me- eat it till I pissed my pants. I have to stay away from just about everything else.

    I just dont like "needing" something to be "normal". It is what it is- and its a lot better than it was.
  14. I admire you for trying to get help Brutus - my sister is bi-polar and manic and self medicates with the wrong medicine (you know what I mean) and shes getting worse . Shes gonna hurt herself or one of her kids bad one of these days and DHS keeps looking the other way......
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    Ill put her in my prayers- I only pray because aa says I should, and I pray only for other people. (Still sounds stupid saying it- but I have been off h for two years so it works) Its really tough watching someone you care about go through that- I self medicated for decades... now I go to meetings and lift weights- and do everything I can to be there for my daughter. I know that prayer is not much help at all- but its all I got Brother- so its yours.
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    Welcome to the board and congrats.:)
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    what type BC do you use??

    my wife noticed large mood swings and migraine headaches when using estrogen.... when she switched to Progesterone only pills. all those ill effects dissipated.

    you might want to ask your OB/GYN next time you visit.

    as for cycles its hard to beat var for a lady... the virilizing effects are minimal compared to some of the other AAS.

    pm me, or look up some of my previous posts, and I can tell you what my wife runs. She has been a figure competitor turned physique for years... and has a lot of experience running various compounds.

    so far you are looking great keep up the good work.
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