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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by brutus79, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. brutus79

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    Lately I feel like I am not as strong as I should be, or could be or whatever. Sure- injury, injury, injury blah blah blah. I am trying to get an idea of how accurate my body dismorphia and training inferiority complex is.

    I really don't 1rm because i train alone and am sick of getting hurt but these are my latest heavy totals... these are not my pr's, but I am only interested in where people are today. My today numbers
    Bench 365 x 3
    Squat 385 x 5 (sad)
    Dead 455 x 2 (and 1/2 :)
    Barbell row 225 x 8
    Military press 155 x 11 or so- I go easy on shoulders. They hurt.

    How bad can you make me look?
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  2. johnnyBALLZ

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    I haven't been a "heavy guy" since I was a kid (that'll change soon ;) ).

    My claim to fame is incline bench 315x10 last year.. Flat bench has always sucked because I never do it..

    Squat, 365x8 earlier this year..

    Dead, never attempted more than 315..

    I've never done a barbell row..

    Don't like military press... Behind the neck press I could do 225 for a few reps months ago...

    Those are not today's numbers as noted... I do not have any numbers today.. :(
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  3. brutus79

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    Damn- couple dozen cats looked and didn't post? This is a weight lifting site too, right?
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  4. brutus79

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    I remember that 315 x 10 last year JB. .. thats what made me want to run tren.
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  5. tileguy123

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    I'm not going heavy cause my joints literally are fucked .. My chest is best attribute lift wise

    I'm 511 179 this am

    Flat bench no bar assist 315 x 3

    Squats are pathetic but 235x10 I don't venture up
    Front squat 225x6 or that's wen my form gets sloppy

    Bent overs and deads I don't do
    Just hyper extensions since back surgery gives me a pass
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  6. GigaloRob

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    Pffft i can hold human table pose for what pussies :oops:
  7. tileguy123

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    We don't have a toilet so I air squat . Pose and hold , and pinch . What a pump
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  8. Ozzy619

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    Yes, there's so much more to lifting than AAS. Your lifts are impressive. I've been trying to hit 315 for over a year now and no matter what I can't get there.
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  9. brutus79

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    I am stalled out too. I know the secret to my coveted 405 is in my tricep work, but I fucking hate arm isolation. I do what I have to do to not look deformed- and back, legs and chest are like orgasms to work out.

    I found a training partner for next cycle in October (jballz please stand up!) And he is the arm king. I never have seriously trained with anyone and never trained with anyone who was on gear before- I am fucking pumped. I'm doing an eq, test, tbol cycle and I am truly looking to take my physique from "I think that guy takes steroids" to " arrest that steroid junkie". I want my numbers at 415, 500, 600 b, s, d. By end of year. Impossible? Maybe. My prs were 385, 475, 525. I am hoping muscle memory gives me a push.
  10. tileguy123

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    make them olympic bars bend fucker!!!

    so you really get to have a man fest with JB. bet you glad he did his breasts for you.. SMH im sick .. haha

    Im really loving Bent over tricept cable kick backs. and ofocoarse cable pushdowns. thats why my bench has always been boss. triceps baby cakes. triceps lol
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  11. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    I bent two olympic bars already I got on craigslist... I'm finally gonna pony up for a cap 2000lb with center knurling and minimum whip. I was amazed how fucking expensive bars can be!
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  12. tileguy123

    tileguy123 Member

    How much is a good one ? I notice my gym has a lot of nice thick 55# bars . Every chance I get i slap them phat grips on them
  13. pumpingiron22

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    210, bf around 10% squats 415 can do it 5 times. Leg press 425. 3 Sets have not tried to max out on yet. Dead lifts 400. Bench press 240 have alot of work to do on that lol. Bent rows 320 atm.
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  14. shit you're a beast bro, you say your squat is sad but you're tall, do you go parallel or ass to grass? I would think you maybe could pull a lil more on your deads given your other numbers but hell then you just said your starting a cycle in OCT so if these are where you are at when you're off/cruising that shit sounds pretty fuckin solid to me. cheers man
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  15. tileguy123

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    theres a cple brutes at my gym that love to load that leg press with 1000+ easy. one dude does it in cowboy boots and a funky ass gym outfit
  16. duramax600

    duramax600 Member

    5'10 73.5 inch reach. 237 around 10 % my best was flat bench raw 495 for 8 reps. I was 265 at the time. I now work out alone also and after my shoulder tears and about a year off I no longer lift heavy. My current lifts bench 305 3 set of 12 after 1 warm up with 225 for 25. I superset my flat bench with 365 for 12 on my powertec. Squats I did for the first time in a year tonight since now I have a good rack. 405 for 3 sets 10 reps (90 degrees no lower). I do rows kind of different bent over about 60 degrees reverse grip 315 for 20 then I will do singles rows on a bench with a straight bar using single arms with 135 for 12 - 15 reps. Not sure on miltary press will do them tomorrow. I have been doing them on my power tec 270 for 15. Straight bar tomorrow yea! Deads I seldom do.
    Best ever pr all raw just a tank top. Bench 495 for 8, Squats 585 for 8, Standing military press 315 for 3, Shrugs on a bet I did 900 for 4 reps( the gym owners were pissed this bar was fuked and it was blamed on someone else) . Just some.
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  17. loveyourbody

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    Brutus79 my friend those are pretty nice lifts. Specially for some one that is 6'2. I'm 5'5 almost a whole foot shorter but being shorter helps out with the power lifting.
    Mine are
    9% body fat

    Bench- 415lbx1
    Squats-405lbx1 I know weaker than bench haha
    Dead lift- I stay at 315x8 don't want to fuck up my back
    Shoulder press- not sure I can do 225lb 5 sets 8-10 reps
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  18. Ozzy619

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    Damn that's a crazy bench, especially for your size. I went to school with a couple short Samoans but they were strong as fuck too. They set the bench press record in 2002 and it still hasn't been broken.

    I would love to see a dude working out in cowboy boots and pressing 1000+ you need to take a pic of that shit.
  19. Ozzy619

    Ozzy619 Member

    If you have good gear and a solid program you're golden. Those are some serious PR's. I just ran Titans under dosed gear and think it really held me back from my full potential once again. What's you're training program going to look like if you have one? I just started weightedchinups PPL routine with high volume and really liking it. Already seeing good results and feel like puking after every workout.
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  20. pmac928

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    Damn you guys make me feel sorry:( I'm 6' 205. I am built on a thin frame so trying to push heavy weight in any exercise is probation out of the question. My biggest assets are my arms. They grow very easily, 120 lbs tri ext are no problem. Bench 260x4-5 reps(depends on my work day) squat 315x4 good form. Deadlifts I only put 225 on as I have a nagging lower back issue of some kind. Brutus your a beast. Us tall guys with long arms an legs just don't have it easy. Deep squats and benches are a killer sometimes. This is what it's all about. Train,train,and train some more!