Glute has painful swollen lump 3 days after injection

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by oceanus99, Jan 19, 2018.

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    I’ve been on gear about 2 Years now and never had any issue like this. The only thing I did different during the injection was I mixed 1cc of winny + 1cc test E in the same syringe. I’ve never mixed gear in the same syringe before, especially not water + oil based. I injected 3 days ago and had some pain for the next few days but it wasn’t horrible. Just felt like PIP. Tonight however it got really bad. I also now have a swollen lump on my glute where I injected. It’s very tender to touch. There’s no redness or warmth or fever. Could it be infected? I’m confused as to why it got so bad all of a sudden tonight. It hurts to even walk. Any ideas what I should do?
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    Yep never never ever mix water and oil base. Water and oil don’t mix!
    You will be lucky if that does not turn into an infection.

    Don’t work that muscle group and start heating the area and gently rub the area. If it starts to turn red and generate heat like it’s getting infected go to a doctor.
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    oil and water don't mix but they will both be absorbed in your muscle whether mixed or separate. have you injected winny before? its always painful most guys end up drinking it because of the pip. I cant walk correctly for a week after use.
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    winny is water based because it will not suspend in oil, when mixed with water you can see the crystals they are sharp shards and by the time they dissolve in a few days they have cut and irritated the muscle tissue
    causing pain and swelling.
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    I have. Just never mixed. Could it turn into an infection or you think it will eventually go down on its own?
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    Take some antibiotics bro just incase if you have some this will help reduce the pain and lump.
  7. i've seen multiple sources selling oil based Winstrol.

    @LordSamuilo @Ickyrica you guys are brew masters, i know i'm tired, but i'm positive i've seen Winstrol in oil.

    Please tell me that Jan 19th 2018 doesn't mark the day that i've completely lost my mind.
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    Hmmmm, actually not sure.


    I feel like I've read a conversation about this and I want to say it was you...
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    Yeah you can get winny into solution in oil , ive got it to hold at 35mg/ml with a good bit of solvent but it is actually pretty smooth compared to water based winny ive tried ...

    Ive seen most labs claim 50mg/ml on there oil base winny , but i find it alittle hard to believe . Not saying it's impossible just because i cant get it to hold at that , but just unlikely imo.
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    Id hold off on the antibiotics if you don't have any symptoms , its just very bad PIP I'd say .
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    If the red lump is hard and swollen and normal body temp it's likely just a bad injection.

    If it starts to feel hot compared to the surrounding area and when you press on it, it feels soft and squishy get to the doctor.

    If you followed good injection procedures you're probably fine.
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    I've made it...
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  13. I’m positive when Mission Labs was still around they had winstrol in oil, but I haven’t seen any since.
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    Oil and water doesn't mix?
    Neither do stupidity and pins
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    I have some water based winny i can't give away. Shit has too much pip
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    Should I go and find some of your stupid posts? We are here to learn and atituides like yours don’t help at all. I think someone renamed you mastermoron on your first post but I won’t go there.
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