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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by desertwarrior, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. desertwarrior

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    Some dude at my gym was trying to score some gear off me earlier today. Wants to run 350mg tren a weekly no test first cycle :confused:. I tried advising him on adding in some test and pharma grade ai. Said he doesn't want to risk it he was gonna get his estrogen blockers from gnc :D:D:D:D and test just adds water no muscle!!
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  2. Bigboy727

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    Just pray he doesn’t reproduce.
  3. Eman

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    A guy at my gym does +20 week cycles, pct immediately afterwards for 6 weeks, then goes right back on. He says time off is important.
  4. That's nothing. This one guy i know of is running 4750 mg/week and asked if it was safe... Oh wait. :eek::confused::D:p
  5. ScabbyJr

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    GNC estrogen blockers. What could possibly go wrong? :)
  6. GianT_SlayeR

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    I get all my gear from gnc bro
  7. Ophydian

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    I like my estrogen blockers to be certified organic.
  8. Bigboy727

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    This is my workout buddy and he just takes the gh deer antler spray and 2 scoops of creatine. He didn’t want his kidneys filled with hormones @Turbo charged 5FEEB8F9-F0B9-4501-BBB7-78868B299EAB.jpeg
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  9. Apexvallen

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    One of the gnc employees told me that their PWO would help me burn specifically belly fat.
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  10. JohnnyD

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    Haven’t been to gnc since I went in for fish oils and the guy tried selling me 20 other things, I refused, he started getting rude with me so I threw my fish oils at him and left. Will never go back. They sell crap btw, get pharmacy grade AI
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  11. Dr. Savage

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    Dude from gnc bluntly asked if I wanted some test once. Said all I need to do it pin once a week then taper off :rolleyes:
  12. Morefyah

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    That’s a stupid waste of a first cycle! I wouldn’t do it but he could probably get away without using any AI with a low dose of test.
    A pharm grade pct is a must with Tren.
  13. Damn now I feel dumb for buying dianabulk and testostogainz.
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