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    Hey everyone,

    I've been lurking this forum for the past couple of years and decided to finally take the plunge and make a life-long commitment. I'm 27 and have been training since I've been 16 years old, as my uncle got my cousins and I into bodybuilding and healthy nutrition at a young age - we haven't looked back since.

    He's in amazing shape and has always looked massive to me, but seeing as that I'm no longer that 140lb kid and now sit at 6"0 and 190lbs, the only question that keeps ringing in my head is "This is it?". I know my strength will keep increasing and I can add an extra 10lbs of muscle over the next few years, but I can't be nearing my limit already...

    I've been told to always be at my peak potential, but I'm hoping to learn from you all and go beyond it.
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  3. Foremost, welcome aboard. It soulds like you’ve been hitting it hard and haven’t really stopped. Sometimes when you hit a plateau it’s advisable to take a nice extended break, life a few weeks to even a month off, especially if you just never stop! You body will thank you and you will fell like your first time on the gym. I think it’s probably the hardest thing for a gym rat to stay away from thy gym, but if your gonna live this “lifestyle” then you take advantage of ALL they tools, including down time.

    If your ready to get into AAS, I’d sugest some baseline bloods so you know your test and E2 levels in advance. But how I would sugest going about that? Want say another years and get bloods ever 3 months. That will yield you 4 blood results to compares and establish an average, and more importantly to realize if your natural Test is falling and at what rate. But if your still in the high range, you may want to really consider how soon you want to jump in both feet.

    In any case, be smart, plan over and again, share your plans and have an open mode to critique. And most of all have thick skin and don’t be a dick when a veteran here is telling you what a fucking smuck you are for don’t whatever it is that your doing wrong. Trust me, these guys (most of them) actually care and want to see you succeed BUT safety is utmost here. We like good examples and practices and you will find erroneous techniques, concepts and ideology looks down upon.

    Welcome and good luck.
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    Thank you for this. I'm at the doctor's office right now to check my test and E2 levels. Also took your advice and sat back for 2 weeks to let my body rest. You're right, sometimes your body needs a longer time to recover after beating down and building it up over the years.

    Looking forward to seeing where this will lead to. Gonna take my time and enjoy the journey. Thanks fam.
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    My story was similar, started training in 9th grade, didn't decide to use gear until well out out of college. Went from a skinny 160 to a solid 200lbs, without gear.

    If you've got some training education and that many years of experience lifting under your belt, I recommend trying a cycle 100% once you feel you've researched it enough (the benefits and the negative aspect as well).

    welcome to meso.
  6. I’m very happy to hear back from you. Excellent news that your getting bloods and taking a well deserved break. If we are going to do this thing we do, let’s do it right. You will get to your goal, but it will take some time. Play into that and it will be an much more enjoyable ride.

    Take case and be well.