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    What’s yalls opinion on god?

    Just thinking about this because I saw my aunt a month back and she’s pretty old. Completely lost it. Total religious nut over the top. Her answer for everything bad that happens in life is because the devils in charge of this world. Thinks praying to god actually makes any sort of fuckin difference. U get the picture.

    My life has been shit since my mom got cancer and died when I was 11. Big fuckin deal that’s the least of my worries these days.

    Point is, how the fuck am I supposed to pray to god and have some sort of fuckin hope in life when everything has gone wrong since before I could think for myself? Faith in religion is definitely on a string these days. Think I hate god more than I don’t believe in him.
    I don’t fuckin know anymore. I think if there is a god I’d rather never meet him, I’d rather forget this life ever happened in the first place honestly.

    But yeah what’s ur opinion on god the whole religion thing. Drives me up the wall when people saying praying actually does something. I think people just see shit they wanna see.
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    You are wayyy too deep for me, haha! I grew up going to Catholic church every sunday. Went to catholic school for a while. Sunday school, communion, confirmation, etc. I always thought it was a bunch of bluster and pomp and circumstance. I'd sit there in church and think about all the contradictions in religion. I haven't been to church since I was made to as a child/teen. Well, except for weddings and funerals I wont be getting scared and finding religion when I get old either. I lost my father to cancer as a teen too. Plus, I think they tell you that God and your dead relatives are looking down on you from heaven to keep you from masturbating! No grandma! Turn away....
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    Aliens invaded the planet centuries ago. Lucky for us they are benevolent and not hostile. So the “god” you pray to are aliens....


    Religion was something that man created because we were too fucking stupid to explain shit. Now that we have stuff called science we should realize that all religions are archaic and bullshit.
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    I think some smart people came up with religion to establish some kind of moral code for mankind.
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    I'm spiritual but I don't believe in the abrahamic,version of God. Its been twisted and manipulated to control people for 2000 years. Any of the big religions that kill people to believe what they believe is fucked to me.
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    Idk the whole Christianity thing seems fuckin stupid to me these days. I grew up in a Christian family. definitely not hardcore Christians hardly ever went to church.

    The more the religious the individual, the more I find they’re trying to find explanation for something that happened in their life where there is none.

    Like myself, but instead of looking for help from god I start to resent him instead.

    Aunts husband died years ago to liver cancer, her sister (my mom) died after, then just last Christmas her new husband boyfriend whatever had a hard attack out of nowhere. How someone could go through that shit over and over again and think praying is somehow still fuckin doing anything? Borderline mental illness at that point.

    No offense and it’s wrong that I’m saying this but at that point it almost seems like borderline stupidity.

    Fuck I just don’t understand this life I guess. Don’t get it.
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    What about Scientology? I mean, Tom Cruise does it so it must be good! Fucking loser L. Ron Hubbard....
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    My family is hardcore so when I was stoned at Christmas one time I asked my mom if she believed in aliens she said no I was like why? Her answer was I've never met one and there's no proof Me I'm like god is technacly a space alien he's not of this earth and in revelations he has swords and shit in his mouth sounds pretty alien to me plus no one has ever met him and there is no proof he exsists. Her answer was I have faith.
    One theory is the new testament was written by the Romans as a way to control people old Testament god hated everyone new lovey dovey peace and all that. during that time Jewish people were militants they were in occupied land looking for a war like leader. But Jesus was a hippie. All the first popes were Caesar's for some odd reason and it became give me your money bitches. Sorry long rant religio intrest me. Oh look at the satanic bibles tenements then the bibles you'll be wtf
  9. God isn't a space alien, God isn't anything or anyone we can even imagine because he exists outside of space and time.

    8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.

    9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.

    Isaiah 55:8-9

    I think that verse right there is something most people don't think about. We are all trying to comprehend and create a God to visualize when it is impossible to do so. Hence why we aren't supposed to create graven images of God, because nothing we create will do justice.

    We don't know why or how God does the things he does, but we will never even be able to comprehend it, so why try?

    And @350lift, when your aunt says the world belongs to Satan, if you are a follower of Christianity, she is right.

    In their case the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

    2 Corinthians 4:4

    I was agnostic for a long time. I couldn't say if there was a God or not. Atheists are just as bad as everyone else. Always feeling the need to tell someone how they KNOW for as fact that there is no God. Show me irrefutable proof that there is no God and I'll believe you (you can't). Atheists have to have faith that there is no God like Christians have faith that there is a God.

    I don't understand how people can can have faith and believe that a giant bang just happened out of nowhere for no reason at all and we are all on a spinning rock with mud and water and fire just because but you can't believe there is an infinite being out there that we cant even begin to comprehend.
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    A god that allows priests to molest little kids. Cause that’s part of the plan?
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    He sucks
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    Free will. Next argument?
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    So god doesn’t hear their prayers I guess.
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    Has nothing to do with that. The sad thing is, people use the existence of such wickedness as the proof that there is no God, when it actually points to there being a God.

    Consider this - a different perspective if you will, that few care to see:
    The only reason there is ANY good in the world is because God allows it. When people ask how a good God could allow evil, since mankind introduced evil, He doesn’t have to allow ANY good at all.
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    Deny me before men and I will deny you before my father.
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    Youre gonna bring me home to meet your dad? I hope he approves of your lifestyle choice. Did you tell him about the squirrel in your asscrack? Haha! How've you been neighbor?
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    Never discuss religion and politics.
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    True. I got sucked in and I’m going to politely excuse myself on this one.
  19. If you can't understand or refuse to understand it any other way, look at it like this:

    If I choose to do what God says, then I've lived my life a disciplined, good person who love their neighbor as they love themselves and I've done my best to bring peace and understanding to those around me. I've lived (to the best of my abilities, we all fall short sometimes, but that's where repentance and forgiveness comes in), as someone who doesn't lie, murder, cheat on my spouse, steal, hate etc.

    If I live that way, and I die and I'm wrong about God, then I've lived my life as a good human being. I lose nothing.

    If I'm right, I go to heaven for eternity.

    If I live according to the world, doing what I want, how I want, mocking God and essentially spitting in God's face and you're right about there not being a God, then I've lived a life doing whatever I wanted, sometimes at the detriment of others.

    If you live doing whatever, regardless of what God says and not believing and you're wrong though....woe is you, for you'll be spending your eternity tormented in hellfire and darkness where you won't even be given a drop of water.

    I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by following God. Unbelievers are simply playing Russian Roulette with their souls.
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    I feel for you brother. I do believe in God, and jesus christ. I too lost both parents at s young age. I struggle in my faith,but never go back. I've seen a guy healed physically, was crazy to see.