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    I am starting a new thread As promised I anonymously bough some GODT240 HGH cause i need some good HGH that isn't bunk and sick of all the BS out there that everyone has the latest and greatest. So i am looking for your guys expertise to tell me what you think of the results i got. TRT, Marcus, Mands and all you critics let it blow. Lets put this to rest for once and for all. I have used HGH before Xintropin and it worked well I goth a serum of about 26 but never tested it for IGF 1. I did exactly as GODT240 asked in his threads. 3iu in the morning 3 iu at night. At 6 weeks do 6 iu and wait 3.5 hours to test. I did exactly that. I refrigerated the dry samples and recombinant HGH. Sleep was much better and woke up feeling great. The PIP for the first 3 weeks was slight. I did get welts and pain but nothing that was unbearable. After 3 weeks my body seemed to get used to it and it went away or was very unnoticeable. I usually welt easy so i was happy this was not as bad.

    Gear i have been on during my cycle Test Cyp 300/week, 1.5 mls EOD Dragon Pharma CutMix 150. Dbol was my starter for 3 weeks at 50mg/day.

    Results and they are posted.

    GH starting 3.5
    GH After 26.8
    666% increase. Wow!

    IGF Starting 129
    IGF After 257
    99% increase

    It is not clear how much tren increases IGF but i have looked all over and i see two sides no gear will increase IGF then i find a medical study that shows Tren can increase IGF but it was only one study.

    Also i did a liver test to make sure i am not wrecking myself. i have MS (Muscular Sclerosis) All this gear is saving me vs the BS medicine they give me that does nothing. Gear and HGH has been a blessing to me. So it is very important that this stuff works to keep me alive and moving while i dodge this disease. So i really appreciate your guys feedback if this stuff is legit and think i did the right tests.

    All the best.

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    257 igf on 6iu per day.....
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    Thanks for the bloodwork but still shouldn’t have opened a new thread for it. He already has thread you could post in. But honestly on 6 iu a day I would hope for much more than that or I wouldn’t want to spend my money on it unles money isn’t an issue then if so buy pharma grade so you will for sure know how well of a responder you aee
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    First off, thanks for taking the time to test and post results. Every time someone contributes it's helpful for everyone.

    Regarding your test findings, sorry to bust your bubble but an increase in IGF of 127 above your natural level at 6ius ed is not really a great result.

    Now your age and medical conditions might have contributed to the poor response but I'd say most likely you were getting closer to 3uis daily verses 6. Your natural level being down at 129 at age 43 is on the low end of the scale so perhaps that's an indicator of a potential issue also.

    If you had a history of GH use with IGF results for each run that would be a more revealing data source as it relates to your individual response compared to this time.
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    Seeing the past testing of Godtropin being underdosed. This gentlemens test proves it is underdosed in my opinion. But do appreciate you taking the time getting your igf done, thank you sir.
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    Blood test results on hgh are brutally difficult to draw any conclusions from. seen numbers all over the place from so many people on so many brands including pharma. Have no idea about this sources hgh though.
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    Very true. The testing obviously gives us an idea of real or fake but without a history of use showing measurable results over several use cycles it's hard to determine much else from one individual's test.

    We do know from posted tests what the approximate average IGF response should be based on dosage and the individual's natural level.

    Just like in this example, we know that 6uis ed should produce, on average, a higher IGF level. So either the GH is under dosed (either intentionally or by degradation), the users's response was blunted by something or the user misjudged his dosing.
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    I have 1 kit of godt240 on the way. I'll pull IGF bloods and let you guys know the results. I did 2 IGF test on godt240 before and they turned out to contain 20iu per vial.
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    Good to hear. I know you’re well versed in GH with a lot of testing under your belt so your findings are of particular interest for me.

    This source has so many varied results posts it’s difficult to know what you’re getting. He does run some decent deals at times even if it’s slightly under dosed.
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    I also have a kit on the way and after three weeks, I will also get igf1 tested. Last time I ran godtropin without a problem and great results!! Hope to see the same
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    This is exactly what i was hoping to get back. Using data to drive results not emotions. So far i have no rebuttal to what amyone said and agree with the analysis everyone is providing. Cant wait to hear the the others results please tag me or reply to this thread. I know godt has a thread open but its so damn long and it has emotions mixed in there driving analysis not data. I really dont care if he is a douche bag or asshole o r whatever. Lets stick with results.

    If you guys have any recommendations that i can do to further test this stuff let me know.

    Thank you all greatly for your contributions this means a lot to me.
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    What do you think itnshould be
  13. cheme2005

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    Do you have results from the last time you did it
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    Good for you for testing man. I understand the ease that comes with trying to get the deal that godt is offering.

    Unfortunately, as you can see from your tests, his product is just inconsistent. I was doing 6iu of grey tops and I believe I got around 400 and was somewhat disappointed. However my doses were split 2iu 3x per day.

    I would be furious if that was my score on 6iu. That being said, when I ran his growth, I think I reconstituted it at around 12-15 iu and ran it thinking like that, and was still not happy.

    I have no doubt that he sells good product SOMETIMES... but that doesn’t cut it when this is shit you are injecting into your body. If it were me, I’d try to stick with black tops for genetics as they have treated me personally very well

    Again, they can have shitty batches as well but that’s the gamble with generic GH. Try some different kits and keep testing, you’ll find something that works for you. There are plenty of suppliers here on MESO alone
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    I’ll look back in a couple email accounts but I’m not sure if I have hem in a file for privatemdlabs. I lost one of my email accounts that I think it was in but I’ll recheck
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    Privatemdlabs keeps all old results on their web portal too. You had to create an account there to buy the tests and view the results so you should still have access to them
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    Ok thanks let me check bro!! Never knew they kept records also.
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    I look on the site I can’t find the account I used for igf1!!! That sucks because I would like to see a reference to see how the new numbers compare. Well my serum was 34.5 on the site but no igf1 so doesn’t mean much from just my word sorry guys.
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    Thanks Marcus for your reoly aooreciate the feedback. If you dont mind private me who sells black tops that you trust and I'll run bloodwork on them too.
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    Marcus or anyone. Have you tried pharm grade hgh and if so what is the igf with that. What levels would you be happy with?