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  1. Lennyg71

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    Anyone else using this with good results?

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  2. Evom1

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    Check his thread
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    Lennyg71Junior Member
    Bro l'm on my 5th kit have another in stock and just ordered 2 more!!! I love this Godt240 ! He is having a promo right now on eroids for $220 ! WTF MAN, why you shilling so hard?
  4. mands

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    @Lennyg71 Wow bashing a proven source on another thread and shilling for one that has been in question since day one. Nice skills brah.

  5. Lennyg71

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    Again , lm leaving reviews of my personal experiences running this gh . It's working great for me . Everyone seems to have mixed reviews some people have had great results some not . So should I bash everyone on here who doesn't use the same fucking gear l use ? Who gives a fuck really
  6. Evom1

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    When you get shut down by mands in a gh thread....

    Game over go back to your board
  7. mands

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    Again, what was your igf-1 levels on the blacks and greys? What are they on GT?

    I know the answer. You can defer to my post in the other thread.

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  8. Lennyg71

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    I didn't say that l didn't like the meditrope black tops or the greys . But let me tell you this , l got scammed by your proven source!!!!
  9. mands

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    Oh so the truth comes out... You think you got scammed so you will bash the product saying you didn't feel anything from them just to get back at the source.

    Who might this source be?

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  10. Lennyg71

    Lennyg71 Junior Member

    The truth is didn't feel much at 10ius .
    And your proven trusted source is
  11. Eman

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    Several sources sell blacktops and greytops... So that kind of blows a hole in your logic.
  12. Oldman.

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    I have all the testing to tell me godtropin is hit or miss. I am running 10iu daily to maintain a 350+ igf1 number..... I have three igf1 tests and an hplc to prove what I say.

    Yes it is the real deal but it’s purity and consistency are shit. Not to mention he removes batch numbers now by removing the original packaging.

    I am personally done with hgh. Roids are more effective and much cheaper, and I have a good tested source. It’s becoming to hard to find good product without loosing your ass.

    The fact is godtropin will work just fine for most users. But if like me it causes am immune response it will require a triple dose to maintain levels as your immune system attacks the Dimmer proteins in the hgh.
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  13. Lennyg71

    Lennyg71 Junior Member

    Thank you for your experience with it , l understand that it's hit or miss but at the same time it's a good bang for the buck .
    The testing I've seen it's indeed real Somatropin . I've seen amazing results so far from it and price is right. I ordered from a proven trusted source on here and was burned for 3 kits meditrope black tops .
    So now it seems like a roll of the dice to get hgh at all . Domestic is getting more scarce and international is a waiting game if it doesn't get held up first time around. So if you're like me and can't afford 5 kits or more at a time , you need a reliable source that is consistent so you're not going to run out of Gh so you can keep running it consistently.
  14. Eman

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    You keep ignoring the question of whether you pulled bloods on this GH...
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  15. He got "the feelz" isn't that good enough for a resounding g2g? :D
  16. Eman

    Eman Member

    Man, at 6iu on Meditrope I found out what it felt like when your ankles giggled from water retention... Really didn't notice anywhere else but ankles. Add +gram of gear to that and look out.
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  17. mghoward74

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    What "Trusted source" burned you for 3 kits of hgh?
  18. Lennyg71

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  19. Lennyg71

    Lennyg71 Junior Member

    No didn't pull bloods , and l understand that you can't go by the feelz lol . I'm going by the fat that has melted off and the amazing definition that lm getting using this hgh
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  20. Rockclimber

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    I have the same amazing fat burning going on with my cheap GH and just pulled an igf of only 223 or so at 5iu a day. That's an incredibly low score and makes me wonder if it's actually legit regardless of all the side effects im feeling. You definitely need to get your igf levels tested.
    On a side note I ran the godtropin as well and had just as low of an igf score. I also had an allergic reaction, my wife had an allergic reaction, my father had an allergic reaction you see the trend here.
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