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    Been on for around 3 weeks now on the 290iu kit, splitting each vial across 7 days. I believe the vials were rated as 27-29iu (the one vial they sent to jano hit 29iu), so my dosing was somewhere around 3.8-4.1iu/day. No additional anabolics or medications that would interfere with my IGF score, only TRT dosing and general health supplements. Thyroid testing can be disregarded, I had that done to check some other things. I did not get baseline IGF because its traditionally always been in the mid 100s for myself (I can dig up old labs if anyone cares). I also did not get serum GH testing because i was more interested in the IGF response. Sides and the effects I'm receiving are consistent with 3-4iu of gh daily, so im pleased with this. No red welts, swelling, or any sort of local irritation. GodT had incredibly quick T/A time, and I think I got more than my moneys worth with this kit. I'll be ordering more and probably do another IGF test at 5-6iu daily.

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    good shit, bro you need some T-4 in there though
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    u received it on 29 sep, u run blood test on 16 oct. if u run it non stop, its 16 days, 3-4iu, IGF1 IS 320, its not bad. thanks for blood test, pls contact me for the refund of blood test fees on IGF1
    best regard
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  4. Why do you still have the info of when he received it?
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    I'm assuming just a tracking number. I'm not alarmed by it. We've been corresponding consistently so it's probably in the chain of replies somewhere to easily grab.
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    Lol, I'm on a unique thyroid protocol so everything except TSH is irrelevant in that thyroid screening. In general the total values of t3 or t4 aren't a good indication of thyroid status anyway, the free levels are much more useful, but that test wasn't ordered because I only needed to check TSH. Total t4 and t3 uptake were free in the screening.
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    Just to to throw an anecdotal update on this GH - I've upped the dose by 1iu a day, and it really kicked me in my ass. The carpal tunnel has gone extreme, the water retention is up but it's mostly intramuscular for the first time for me, which is causing some painful pumps even at rest. It wasn't until a few iu higher on meditrope black tops or gray tops before the carpal tunnel was like this (hands literally numb as I type this), and I had half of this crazy muscle fullness. This shit is solid.
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    How much Bac water did you use to reconstitute?