Going to run Deca and Dbol for the 1st time (Advice?)

Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by Hulksdaddy, Nov 22, 2018.

  1. Hulksdaddy

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    Been a good minute since my last cycle. Lost alot of gains due to a shoulder injury and im eager to pack on mass. Not my first cycle either but for this cycle this is what i got so far
    Test E 400mg a week
    Deca 250 a week
    Dbol week 1-4 or 8-12 (not sure to kick start the cycle or end it with that)
    And I have nolva and clomid on hand as well. Might even go ahead and purchase some other pct. let me know what you guys think or recommend.
    Thank You
  2. BigNattyDaddy

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    Looks like a good cycle IMO. You can use the dbol towards the end to break through plateaus you may run into, or at the beginning as a kickstart, like you mentioned.
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  3. Worf

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    Solid cycle for strength and size. Those are responsible doses. Id run the dbol weeks 1-4/5 @ 25mg a day. I like dbol as a kicker,It hits fast. Seems like less potential for moon face and bloofy poofy look since the test and deca wont be fully kicking in until you coming off. Also have some anti e on hand, and run low dose hcg through out.
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  4. Hulksdaddy

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    Yeah HCG has been on my mind floating around about this. Might have to pick some up
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  5. Synthetic1

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    Will you run this for 12 weeks only?
  6. Hulksdaddy

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    Yeah 12-13 weeks. I was debating on running the test out alittle longer or using test cyp the last two before pct
  7. Synthetic1

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    Just thought deca works best when ran for at least 14-16 weeks...Was looking to run deca also but many said its better if your on trt and dont cycle off..Looked into npp but dont want to pin eod..My next ootion would be to find a source with nan cyp. Still reading and researching..
  8. Eman45

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    Favorite bulking stack. Personally would run atleast 400mg of deca no reason to be shut down hard for only 200mg. 500mg rest 400mg deca n paramid dbol up 20-40mg if doses properly will have great gains with this stack.
  9. Considering how long your planning on running your cycle (believe you said 12-13 weeks) just my opinion if I were in your shoes and looking to recomposes in a decent amount of time coming back from an injury you could set it up like this as an option:

    Weeks 1-4
    Dbol 25-50mg/day
    Weeks 1-12
    Test e or c 500mg/wk
    Weeks 2-10
    NPP 450mg/wk

    Just thinking about the half life of deca and the point that most people run that for a longer duration to get the full benefits from it when aiming to add size and muscle versus a lower dose to help with joints. NPP is an awesome compound one of my favorites actually and gets in and out much quicker than deca and is way to control water weight as well as long as your diet is in check. By the time the test is kicking in the NPP will also be in effect as well. I’ve never ran dbol my choice is Superdrol or Anadrol. Just personal choice. But if I were to run those of run Superdrol 20mg split into two doses per day and if Anadrol 50mg split into two doses during the day. Sometimes I would just use the Superdrol an hour before my workouts for a good extra punch in the gym. Also, I prefer to use the minimum doses to build muscle. Focus kore on diet and training and let the gear just compliment your hard work.
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  10. Worf

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    NPP maybe a good choice over deca with clearance times or he could cut the DECA at week 10 or 11 and stretch the test out to 13. 250mg deca 10ml bottle, just run the bottle until its out.
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  11. WyattEarp

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    Not a bad cycle, love deca with test E or C. Deca needs to be stopped two weeks prior to the end of the cycle. I would suggest, especially at the lower dosed cycle running a 14-16 week cycle. Stopping Deca two weeks prior to test. This will keep your test levels high enough to counter some of the negative effects of the Deca, and then your levels will come down together. So on a 14 week cycle stop Deca after week 12, or week 14 on a 16 week cycle. I ran hcg with my last test and Deca cycle which keeps your HPTA in tact and your LH where it should be etc, although it in the air if hcg on cycle is better or during post cycle, still studying the differences. Either way, adjust you cycle so Deca is stopped two weeks before the test is stopped.
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