Going to try daily injection test cyp for trt

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by clear0cn, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. clear0cn

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    I've been struggling in controling my e2 since starting trt so I'm going to try injecting daily in an attempt to control e2 without AI. My rationale : I'm hitting the sweet spot once in a while but it never last more than a day or two. E2 is always either too high or too low. For a few weeks I was doing 125 mg W and 20-30 mg dbol and it's the only time I really felt I had no ED and awesome libido. I believe daily dosage was giving me less e2 spikes. I found few logs on other forums of guys who successfully dialed in with perfect e2 without ai with this protocol so I'm going to give it a shot. Probably going to come off trt if that doesn't work.

    My protocol :

    +/- 18 mg test cyldaily subQ (+/- 126 mg / week)

    No AI

    I may add hcg later after getting blood work. I also consider switching to test prop eventually

    My last injection was monday morning with 150 mg , I'll be starting tomorrow morning
  2. Were you having this problem without the Dbol?
    i hate that shit. Aromatizing nightmare for some.
  3. Morefyah

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    Wait what? Listen man there is no reason to do this and its not going to make controlling your E2 anymore manageable. Maybe you shouldn’t take dbol. This right here is a perfect example of how influential these forums can be. This guy reads one thread and thinks shooting Test Cyp ED is going to help him dial in his Estro. Op this is not a smart thing to do.
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  4. ickyrica

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    You sgould split it into 2 doses ed. Probably a better route to go...
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  5. legendary

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    I did this for a few months. Didn't seem to change anything. But I did have a ton a red welts from going subq
  6. clear0cn

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    Didn't change anything for e2? What was your previous protocol?
  7. clear0cn

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    Only around the end of the cycle but during I felt awesome
  8. Morefyah

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    Post some blood work please.
  9. Morefyah

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    Or we can bro science the shit out of this thread?
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  10. legendary

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    I pin 1x week. I've never had e2 issues. So no. Didn't change anything. Maybe you just don't need as high as a dose your one. Idk. But I don't think it's beneficial.
  11. clear0cn

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    Ok I see. I'll also be reducing my dose so yes that may help as well . The theory is that if you eliminate the spikes, there is much less aromatisation and it's much more steady. If you don't have e2 issues it would make sense, that you didn't any benefits from going daily.
  12. clear0cn

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    It will be bro science until I can prove anything with blood work. You should read my tread a bit more man. I'm not on dbol anymore. I said I'll post bloodwork and I also said I'll prob drop trt if that doesn't work. That's really an experiment and I don't see why it could be such a "stupid idea". diabetes pin ED with insulin is that much worse? I dont wish to start a debate here just document my experiment
  13. Morefyah

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    Maybe you should read my post a little more because I never said stupid. Yes I know all about pinning ed because I am on hgh and just pinned sub q 10 min ago. Why are you so opposed to bloodwork or taking a AI?
    You already stated that for now it’s going to be bro science and your going to start tomorrow. Do it up bro, what your planning on doing is unnecessary and a “bad” idea.
    But good luck with the experiment.
  14. kendallkmw

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    No no no. It needs to be split 3x a day. Probably the best route.
  15. jonkobeck

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    May I ask your age? I'm 53 and pin 40mg every 4 days, which equals 70mg a week and my total T usually comes in around 750 and E2 around 45 which is a tad high but doesn't bother me and the doc doesn't recommend meds to reduce E2.
  16. clear0cn

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    I'm 27. I had bloodwork done two weeks ago, I'm seeing my doc next week for my results
  17. clear0cn

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    For those interested I received results from my blood work . They were taken on June 6th

    Test : 482
    E2 : 46
    Shgb: 17
    prolactin: 9

    So this was taken early in the process so that may explain the not so good T. E2 is high, and it have felt high the whole time. I also switched to EOD half way thru cause feered I was not getting good absorbtion from subQ. SHGB is also pretty low which may explain why I aromatize so much.

    In conclusion, this seems to be a failure since I wanted to try a way do trt without AI but it seems it's the only way for me. I'm going to stick with this and add .125 mg of arimidex EOD.
  18. Millard Baker

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    30 mg Dianabol on top of your weekly 125 mg TRT injection made you feel great but somehow you think the 125 mg alone causes problems because E2 "felt high"?