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  1. goldline

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    OILS (10ml)

    * TEST ACE 100MG $30.00
    * TEST PROP 100MG $30.00
    * TEST ENTH 250MG $35.00
    * TEST CYP 250MG $35.00
    * SUSTANON 250MG $35.00
    * DECA 250MG $40.00
    * NPP 100MG $30.00
    * EQ 250MG $40.00
    * tren HEX 100MG $70.00
    * TREN ACE 100MG $40.00
    * TREN ACE/TEST PROP COMBO 100/100mg each ml $60.00
    * TREN ENTH 200MG $55.00
    * MAST PROP 100MG $40.00
    * MAST ENTH 200mg $50.00
    * TREN BASE 100MG $50.00
    * TEST BASE 100MG $30.00
    * SHREDZ (test ace/tren ace/mast prop 75mg each per ml) $65.00
    * TREST ACE(Ment) 50mg $75.00
    * primo ace 100mg $70.00

    ORALS (Pressed Tabs of 50)
    *Anavar 50mgtabs $90.00
    *DBOL 50mg 50 tabs $55.00
    *Anadrol 50mg 50tabs $55.00
    *Tbol 50mg 50tabs $80.00
    *Proviron 50mg 50tabs $80.00
    *Superdrol 20mg 50tabs $55.00
    *M1t 20mgs 50tabs $65.00
    *Winny 50mg 50 tabs $55.00 OUT OF STOCK
    * cialis 25mg $55.00 50tabs
    * viagra 50mg $55.00 50tabs

    HALO 10mg $110.00 50tabs

    * nolvadex 20mg 50 tabs $55.00
    * clomid 50mg 50tabs $55.00
    * aromasin 25mg 50tabs $55.00

    * Lasix 40mg $1.00 a tab

    *B12 1000mcg $25.00

    *PHENTERMINE 20MG 50TABS $55.00

    modafinil 200mg $5.00 a tab

    Clen 40mcg 50 TABS a bag $60.00

    HCG 5000iu Vials $60.00
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    where do I send my money?
  3. Synthetic1

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  4. bolder

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    WTH is this shit?
    A product/price list isn’t gonna cut it here! Fuckin read other sources threads and see what the fuck it’s gonna take to be here.
    It’s obvious this fuck just wants your money. Don’t be naive and order anything here! If this fuck is too lazy to provide basic information then he deserves to go out as fast as he came in.
    Fuckin joke!!!
    (Did I say fuck enough!?) fuck fuck fuck!
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  5. Sdryx

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    No minimum? I want to order a single tab of Lasix.
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  6. Logan44551

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    What's with all these unprepared labs popping up this weekend? Thought we got rid of these assholes, it's like whack a mole.
  7. AnTabolic73

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    This guy probably learned from all this previous ventures that all it takes is a price list and some newbies will order. This is most likely the same scammer that's rebranded 10 or so times in the past year or two.
  8. T-Bagger

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    LOL, thanks for the laugh!

    You making the Phentermine yourself? That stuff is dosed at 37.5 mg through pharma.
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  9. Latinbear

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    He's a scammer he's on Bostin Lloyd's forum beware almost got my money.
  10. MisterSuit

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    What a wonderful intro! You definitely convinced me, can I send you my credit card number directly? I don’t have the time to pay you, I give you my credit card number and it’s done, isn’t it!?
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  11. T-Bagger

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    Appreciate the heads up - as if his shit post wasn’t enough to make people steer clear, his prices suck as much as his “intro.”
  12. MindlessWork

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    Lmao maybe takes PayPal too :eek:

    The scamathon never ends...
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  13. Shutdown before it even made it to page 2. That's a beautiful thing right there!
  14. T-Bagger

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    You going around reviving dead threads? LOL
  15. i am. Missed a lot of gems while i was away from Meso.
    i see that thing's haven't changed much with these "post a list and catch some eager noobs" scammers. :mad:
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  16. T-Bagger

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    Frickin noobs
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    PIZZABOY Member

    Adipex P. 37.5. You aint sleeping on that shit.
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  18. T-Bagger

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    You’re kidding, right? I took that stuff for 2 months straight without any sleep issues.
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  19. Xragexx

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    This one chick, crystal used to keep me up countless nights.

    Phenteremine isn’t much more potent than a 20 oz redbull lol