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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nervje, Nov 4, 2018.

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    I have really really big pain in my inner forearm lately, especially when bench pressing.
    Guess its the typical golfers arm and i would need tips to get rid of it fast..except resting it because i already try to do it as good as possible without stopping training.

    I dunno if theres a connection, but when i do squats and have a real close grip (i do low bar, the closer i grab the bar, the stronger my squat is because my back is stronger than my legs), i have strong tension/pain in my triceps, same arm where i have golfers elbow.
    Its like somethings stuck in my upper triceps there, felt really weird today and getting more intense week by week..
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    NSAIDs also cause all kinds of horrible shit.

    Voodoo floss. Shit will feel fine in 3 days... YouTube how to use it and buy it off Amazon or elitefts
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    Use your other hand
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    Orderer one on amazon.
    Curious how good itll work.
    Just need a slingshot and can maybe finally fix my nagging biceps/chest tendon too
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    It's pretty amazing stuff. I use it on my elbow when my golfers/tennis elbow acts up. Gone in a day or two. I have a big one I use on my knee too. Watch some YouTube videos on it
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    Temporary relief for a more serious issue. I 100% agree with Brutus buy voodoo floss and use it on any and all pains to help release the fascia from the muscle fibres themselves with trigger point techniques or by creating a ischema blood flow block and realeasing after going through the ROM of the effected area. This will give you pain relief instantly yes as soon as you take it off your pain is gone. But then unless you figure out what’s causing the initial problem which in this case I bet is due to a lack of mobility and stretching of your lats triceps and pec minor (it’s connected deeper then buying a slingshot to fix your pain too that’s not how it works). Once you’ve corrected the shoulder mobility issues by addressing the pec minor lats and triceps then you could go back to the way you squat but until you have that movement pattern in a way it’s not going to cause pain then fucking stop doing it! Everyone seems to be a fucking moron on this you do not have to squat like that for your squat to grow! For you to push the most weight sure but unless you’re healthy you can’t do that either so pick a different squat that’s opposite to yours work your weak points while you heal you broken spots then when you actually go back to working your strong points it’ll be results like you would never achieve otherwise.

    I’m also probably the smallest guy on this forum so take it with a grain of salt if you’re going for stupid size cause you’ll get your size while being stupid that way and achieve all goals :D
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    I'm dealing with the same thing, which is the second time I've had it now. I kind of think it's partly happening for me because I'm using GH again and using a closer grip for squats. My muscles seem to get very tight from GH, which creates a host of issues all over.

    Regardless, I fixed my issue last time by doing the following:

    • Voodoo floss
    • Mobility work, and a lot of it. Get into a pattern of stretching everyday. Get a timer on your phone and do 20 sec holds on each muscle and do 3 sets.
    • Graston therapy
    • I did a sauna/hot tub and contrast baths once a week... This helped loosen me up more which supplemented the stretching.
    • Work on balance and posterior chain, this will act as a good parallel to the stretching/mobility... As one improves, the other will tend to improve as well.
    • Find a new squat grip. I've found that something similar to Ben Pollack's grip seems to work well for me, it'll put less stress on your elbow. Save the super tight grip for max sets if your a powerlifter, or never if you're a bodybuilder.
    Note, I was also having issues with my knees so some of these methods above were designed to help with that. If you have good insurance, I suggest seeking a physical therapist that specializes in athletes. They can show you different approaches that might be completely worth a copay.
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    Shit- I read bench and missed that squats contribute. Same with me- and a simple fix. Get a squat safety bar. Most guys who compete use that 80% of the time and switch to a straight bar 4 weeks out from a meet
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  10. nervje

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    Or ill just skip legs a few months hehe.

    No seriously, trying to fix thise issues without stopping progress.
    Im actually one order away (so 4 weeks i guess) from winter bulking and thats where i wanted to get strong and big like never before..
  11. Eman

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    You won't stop progress by switching to an SSB. SSB is more challenging.

    Duffalo Bar is another thought, it puts the car in a better position to grip.

    Both of those wouldn't affect progress and you would have a better chance to heal at the same time.
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    Well i only know of 1 gym here who has a safety squat bar and its too far away from me..and buying myself is too expensive atm..gotta try front squats then for a period of time..
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    150$ on Amazon is the one I have at home. Works fine- and it works your core on top of everything else.. once you get used to it you can beast with it.
  14. brutus79

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    Check this out at
    Titan Fitness Safety Squat Olympic Bar

    That's what it's called. Link doesnt work but easy e igh to find. Cheap relief and healing