Good brand name ideas...?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by luex, May 11, 2018.

  1. luex

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    Looking to create my own brand...I need more ideas on the name- obviously it would have something to do with fitness/working out so any name related to that would be best..everything I've thought of seems to be taken by larger companies...looking for something simple and clever... as I've thought of Iron Aesthetics but most people won't be able to spell aesthetics...o_O
  2. Evom1

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    While this may seem like a good idea I don't think it is. If you use a name suggested by someone here on a legitimate brand, your legal name will obviously be tied to that brand, and this user name, therefor linking whatever you've posted here to your actual identity
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  3. luex

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    Yeah I've thought of that actually but giving suggested phrases that aren't often thought of such as (something) fitness etc...I could add to it/ take away need be to preserve identity.
  4. Evom1

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    Very true, are you thinking supplement related?
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  5. luex

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    Probably more training focused/clothing line. Supplements are a whole different ball game that I'm not ready for yet..but to just get something started and going is whats most important I think- and from there I can change it how I'd like.

    I have a few people I make routine plans for and nutritional plans- and I'd like to be able to suggest people to a website-but have a catchy name in the process in case I decide to grow in a direction.
  6. Eman

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    Hyper focusing on the brand name is peanuts compared to the business plan. I don't mean to sound harsh by that... Maybe you're just messing around with secondary ideas, but I'm being genuine when I say to focus on the biz plan portion.
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  7. luex

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    I agree totally @Eman but to move forward I almost basically need a name..I know all the other info is extremely more important but how can I create without a name behind it. :(
  8. Eman

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    I see where you're coming from... My point is, look for the direction you want to go in first... Then create the name. You can essentially create a business plan and never put a name to it.

    Again, I don't mean to sound nit picky.. just trying to offer perspective.
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  9. Dr JIM

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    Your focus should be on product quality rather than the name, bc the former is what sells.

    And the endless number of GGH brands proves the name is irrelevant, per se.
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  10. trensonsonoftrenman

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    I agree that product quality is most important but I have to throw in that perception is absolutely crucial. I don't think you need a gimmick or cool name for that. It comes from marketing and what not. But more often than not, a product that is superior does not sell as well as it's counterpart that is more well known/brand trusted.

    That said. Before you're fucking around with names make sure your business plan is completely on point. Like Eman and Jim are saying the focus should be on the product quality/business plan.