Good peptide/research chem source?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Live_Evil, Oct 13, 2018.

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    I usually only get my gear locally, but my normal online peptide/research chem source was recently taken down, and I'm needing some clomid and raloxifene. Do you guys have any good recommendations? I'd rather hear it from you guys than just try something random.
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    I used tamox, aromisin, and prami from Pure Rawz for some very sensitive nips while on cycle (felt like they were on fire)... took care of all sensitivity in about a week. I haven't used their clomid or ralox though. Also there are some UGL's on this forum in recent threads that sell both products. Maybe check some of those out too. Good luck man.
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  3. Those research chem sites just seem so shady to me.
    Operating on a fine line between research chem and flat out source. The only difference is a disclaimer written in hopes of saving their asses, should the shit hit the fan.

    If you don't mind international (European), there's a source in the underground section that has pharma Raloxifene and clomid.
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