Good Reason to Include Safflower Oil In Home Brew Gear

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by lovevixen, Aug 4, 2009.

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    lovevixen Junior Member

    The women who took the CLA had a significant decrease in their body mass index (BMI) -- about half a point on average. Their total body fat declined by about 3.2 percent.

    The safflower oil did not affect total body fat, but did decrease the trunk, or belly fat tissue, by 2.6 to 4.2 pounds. It also boosted muscle mass by 1.4 to 3 pounds.

    The safflower oil also lowered fasting blood sugar levels by 11 to 19 points. Average levels after 16 weeks of safflower oil supplements were 129 to 148, still high but significantly improved, Belury said. (Below 110 milligrams per deciliter is normal).

    I normally do not post stuff like this. If I had the link I would have offered it dirrectly but it was in my email so no link. I choose Safflower oil because it looked rather thin compared to Cotton Seed oil and it was cheap at my Walmart Super Center!

    So it might be a good idea to try it at the very least. I am going to give grape seed oil a try at some point. P.S. I would just filter any oil you wanted to try especially if it is some type of cold filtered organic stuff through a .2 Whatman and use no heat. The heat is going to hurt the health benefits I am sure and at .2 that is considered sterile with out any heat need by the USDA and the FDA so that is how I would do it. I would be afraid that puting it in an oven would destroy the health benefits and anti-oxidants and such etc......

    P.S. When I first did my first kit all of them came with .2 Whattman filter now I see most of them come with .45 Whatman and I do not understand why as .45 isnot small enough to make sure no bacteria or virus's, spore and such can not pass but .2 is! I have to assume it was a problem of clogging filters which is why I do a coffee filter then .45 and then .2 into the bottle! I use no heat at all.
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    trentracks Junior Member

    o45 filters are worthless ppl need to quit supporting kit ppl that dont care about you. I quit using grape seed on my stuff because the red and green make a yucky yellow some times. Sesame for me,,theres a reason it is the most used by pharmacuticals,its fairly thin,fewer allergic reactions and it works. You can also find the nf grade easy to find. Why even try to get it sterile if you are only using 045s. ahhhhhh what do I know carry on.:)
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    jasthace Member

    Don't forget when using such oils ,high in mega 6, to balance them out with omega 3's, to avoid setting the body off on an undesirable inflammation state.

    Fish oils,flax seed oil & hemp seed oils a very good to add to the diet.
    The best ratio is 1/1 omega 3 & 6
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    lovevixen Junior Member

    I do not use kits I make my own stuff and buy in bulk but from time to time say ever 2 years I like to take a look around the market place and see what has changed. If your oil was USP, you started with sterile powder and used USP solvents then their would be no need to filter anything since the USP oil would already have been heated and filtered and stored in as sterile container that irradiated to make sure it was sterile. It would not surprise me if the bulk of high end pharmaceuticals in the USA get gama irradiated no matter what just to make sure so again in that situation no need to filter.

    Since none of use have access to gama irradation and none of use know how sterile the oil and solvents are or the level of filtration it is simple too simple and stupid easy to tripple filter coffee filter, .45 then .2 you wil never ahve to cook anything and you will never get an infection! Add .1% of BA no matter what solvent you used to make sure it stays sterile and you are golden... I use a more BA then that but hey I like to remain infection free. I add about 2cc of BA to any 50ML bottle of UGL stuff I get just to be sure!

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