good steroids brand this days?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by JohnPL, Jul 15, 2011.

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    JohnPL Junior Member

    what is best steroids brand this days guys?

    i only want BEST is not a problem
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    bigrobbie Member

    That's a loaded question...hard to say bro....matter of opinion I think.
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    Reinheart Member

    Everyone has a different answer to your question. Apparently, Pharma grade gear is the purest and most correctly dosed you can get.
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    TGB1987 Junior Member

    I am a big believer in Asia Pharma and British Dragon. They are the best I have ever used hands down. I am running a cycle with
    AP Test Cyp and E at 500mg/wk
    BD Deca at 250mgs/wk
    AP dianabol at 30mgs/day

    I had used some NPP in the begining but ran out. I am make the best gains I have seen to date. What is funny is this is a mild cycle for me. I have run much higher doses of other brands and not seen half the results. I like AP because you can to the AP website and see the videos of them manufactering the product and following GMP standards. If you have not tryed these products yet make sure you get around to it because you won't want anything else once you use them.. :):
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    Lizard King

    Lizard King Member

    MuscleTech, it's all Jay uses!

    Asia Pharma = [:eek:)]
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    BioChemBro Member

    not trying to threadjack but,

    what is the general consensus on Cem-Meso's t3 and clenbuterol? Is it underdosed or pretty reliable?

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    heavyiron Member

    CEM is good to go.
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    chrisotpherm Junior Member

    Bro World Pharma's Asia Pharma brand is amazing! I am personally using his winny Stanbolic and loving it! I highly recommend it!
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    chrisotpherm Junior Member

    I'm sorry for posting names in thread. I was just informed a big no no. Sorry.
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    chrisotpherm Junior Member

    I love Asia Pharm gear as well. Heavy how are you liking your AP product?*
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    basskiller Member

    LOL smartass...
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    JohnPL Junior Member

    Thanks bros
    just receive some Asia pharma Cypibolic and HGH Somagena and Cem prods for pct!
    do i need t3 or t4 with hgh 4iu a day?

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