Good study on Nandrolone and “Deca dick” myth busted?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by penche, Jan 25, 2018.

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    No tests on humans. I'm glad it worked out for the lab rats.
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    I will take this doctors advice over yours. No offense @Gbro
    It’s been beaten over and over if you’re using a 19nor to watch that E2 or all other hormones, IE; progesterone, prolactin, estrogen will increase. Using caber to shut dwn prolactin and increase libido by dopamine is not the best method. Many still do it and through extensive research some individuals have crashed their prolactin to zero. Which in return resulted in decreased sex drive and poor erections. Just talkin...
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    I started using caber during tren.due to milky tits ahahah! At first it fixed it and i was feeling.better but then i think i crashed prolactin. My sex drive was complete shit and erection were very bad. I thought i had crashed my e2 but nope... that wasnt the case.

    With times i have find out i feel much better with slighlty high e2 (35-55) instead of the 20-25 max i was targetting.

    It still a bit complicated to manage it do shit load of bloodwork. Lately i'm using my sensation to keep E2 under control. When sex drive start disappearing and weak.erection arrive too high, i take a bit of aroma/arimi and when sex drive come.back strong i just stop

    I use less anti e2, less stress, plus less drugs in general.

    Prolactin i leave it as it is, if i start milking.then i bother, but only tren.does that to me, deca never treated me bad on thst department

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    Good to see you around @Sampei appreciate you sharing your experience.
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    I dont suggest to not use BW, i have around 50bw done in my last 3 years. I was doing one bw a month sometime even every 2 weeks, so going by feeling is just a part of it... i sure as hell know quite well at what dose of aromatizing aas i get xxx level.of e2 and what dose of anti e2 control. I'm just letting it run a little bit higher down.. instead of being so anal about it.

    A beginner should.never do something like this. (Btw i'm still a beginner, just have few trial and errors on my back ahaha )

    I still do BW just to check my health and not so frequently for e2
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    There have been tons of threads imploring guys to just mind their E2 and leave the cabers alone. Not too many people seem to follow this advice. I've run tren twice(2-6 week cycles) not counting my current cycle and never have had a problem
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    Idk I ran 750 mg deca/test no so no issues. That's just me. Well I shouldn't do no issues. Lots of bloat.
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    I've run tren and npp with no caber. Kept e2 in check. I'm planning another npp run soon with no plans on having any caber on hand.
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    Have had the same 2 bottles of ancillaries since like 2016. Never had bloat or gyno bad enough to use them. Maybe it's my genetics but I think diet is way more important than people think. Have used tren and nandrolone, though never together. Never even considered getting caber/prami as I don't buy into that progesterone/prolactin scaremongering. Estrogen and testosterone at good levels, you will look and feel good.

    Have used nandrolone as NPP and deca. Hard to estimate but I'd say never gained more than 5-7lb of water (at 5'10 210-220lbs) I've also never experienced libido issues.

    Then again I've never run more than a gram of combined AAS. So I guess this post doesn't apply to those who are huge or those who just dose high for no reason. But from what I've seen here, size and experience wise, 75% of you should not be dosing any higher than me.
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    I think there is a lot of wisdom in this post
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  12. Most folks (experience) who runs 19nor knows to always include test and keeping one's E2 level in control- work wonders :)
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    Funny thing never had issue running deca. Got up to 900’mg week with test at 1200 no pct after never had ed issues until I started fking with ai. Crashed my e2 n prolactin was low n had major issues. I feel more it’s a hormonal thing as well then the compound being taken. Obviously some people are more sensitive than others. I never had taken ai when I started using gear or running pct. never was fkd up with ed issue or depression. Never got gyno until i started messing with nova n shit coincidence or not. But I do feel people that run into that issue are more sensitive to hormonal imbalance. Anyways just personal experience.