Got married!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sk8man101, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    That’s right motherfuckers! Guess who tied the knot!
    After 5 Years I’m finally married to my dream girl! And I couldn’t be happier!
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  2. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    Congrats man, remember happy wife happy life!
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  3. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    And just so you guys know I didn’t make a bad decision!
    Here’s a couple from our honeymoon!
    7D6ACAA5-C7F4-4C55-82D1-41161440219D.jpeg A0C671E0-60D4-4B9B-ADC4-0A5DF769F324.jpeg 8DA0307F-F795-49A3-B8C8-B432132F01AF.jpeg
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  4. fodsod

    fodsod Member

    Congrats bro. Hopefully she won't divorce you after she finds out you posted her nudes o_O but we do appreciate it. She looks like wife material for sure.

    I've always found marriage to be easier than the single life from a bodybuilding lifestyle standpoint.
  5. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    You just got married and the first thing you do is post nudes of your new wife? To a bunch of internet strangers at that, to prove to these strangers that you did good o_O
  6. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    Enjoy the ride man. Life is better with a partner in crime.
  7. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    My thoughts as well
  8. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Haha nah dude she don’t give a fuck.
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  9. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Hey man she’s fine and i like to show her off.
    Damn didn’t realize I’d get backlash for it lol.
  10. I will cuckold for ya... if ya want me to?...Just sayin!
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  11. SuperSwede

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  12. wedorecover

    wedorecover Member Supporter

    Congratulations u lucky son of a bitch .... she’s a fucking catch my boy .... truly happy for u
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  13. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Haha thanks brother!
    I totally forgot to pm you about that shit man.
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  14. wedorecover

    wedorecover Member Supporter

    Let them hate everyone always has somthing to say on here man ... i mean she’s a meso member her self don’t think ur hiding anything ....
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  15. mdhx3

    mdhx3 Member

    Awesome man!
    After 5 years you two should definitely know each other. Keep no secrets from her and accept her mistakes when she makes them; and she will be in your corner for the long haul. There is nothing in the world like getting to sleep with your best friend.
    BTW, she's beautiful. Congratulations and good luck.
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  16. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    Congrats on your marriage and may it be a long and happy one. Keep it real and you should have no problem as being fair to each other is the best policy.
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  17. Oldschool

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  18. BigNattyDaddy

    BigNattyDaddy Member

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  19. Sk8man101

    Sk8man101 Member

    Haha yeah man she picked those pictures out actually.
    I was gunna put them in the let’s see your ladies thread instead. Probably should of but fuck it whatever haha.
  20. Oldschool

    Oldschool Member

    Thats cool she is a member. Makes it even better. Very nice sk8!
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