Grass fed beef protein isolate

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    Does anyone have any thoughts on grass fed beef protein isolate? I have been dealing with ibs for some time now. Recently I cut out dairy completely, including whey protein. I switched to the beef protein and freaking love it. It tastes awesome, doesn't make me bloated and digests so much better for me. It's not really more then good whey protein. Tge other thing is it bakes or cooks so much better. My wife makes me protein bars and donuts etc, with the beef protein they turn out amazing. Unless I'm missing something, I really like it more than any other protein powder I've had.
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    can i ask is the unflavoured quite neutral in taste? or have a savoury tang to it? i quite fancy giving it a try to see how my arse responds
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    I took Carnivor for little bit. Aside from tasting like sbit it didnt do anything special.

    Your body wont process much more than about 23g of protien at any given time with the exception of post workout. To me all these fancy forms of protein is a gimmick. Unless your lactose intolerant i suppose
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    Like hot dogs
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    Bro science...

    So then to get 200g of protein a day you have to eat 10 separate servings of 20+g of protein? And if you're a guy eating 300g you need to eat 15x/day?

    Not likely....
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    I didn't switch to it looking for better results. I switched because I've been battling ulceritic colitis and am trying to see if what is affecting my stomach. After switching I did have some improvement. It's not the only thing affecting me, mine is looking like a autoimmune issue.

    I got chocolate peanut butter cup, vanilla and chocolate from true nutrition. It has 29 grams of protein per scoop and I like the taste better then any whey I've had. Like I said to with my wife baking with it the shit turns out amazing.

    Thanks @AlwaysHungry I havent done to much research on my own, so thanks for the links.
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    Thats why basically all i eat is ground sirloin amd rice. I'll throw in a few other things for micros but ground sirloin and rice makes up roughly 90% of my daily caloric intake. No protein shakes necessary.
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    Grass fed is going to be better for you than grain fed. Any dietician will tell you that grass fed is the way to go because it’s is a cow’s natural food, not grain. I’m not surprised it’s working better for you. Post up a link to it, if you don’t mind.
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    Thanks brudda! Price is incredible.

    *Edit* shit... just saw the two bullshit items to steer me away: acesulfame potassium and sucralose.
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    Disagree. My wife’s a Registered Dietitian and I have degrees in bio and chem
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    I guess thats no bueno?
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    Please have her elaborate.
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    You’re from MI it appears so I discredit anything you have to say lol.

    I’m going off of what I’ve read over the years. What do you think it is then that’s helping him?
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    I won’t touch the artificial sweeteners. Had they left it at stevia extract I would’ve loved it.
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    I’m only referring to the comment that grass fed is better than corn finished. They all eat grass. Corn finishing simply layers on fat at the end before slaughter.
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    Hot dogs are made from lips and assholes.
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    Ah. Right, right.
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    Where did you see that?