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    Grayscale Compounding is a U.S. domestic lab specializing in high-quality, basic and exotic compounds. Our goal is to offer top-tier anabolics and ancillaries at fair prices while also providing excellent customer service and quick turnaround times.

    Our Operation:

    We are a small team of passionate anabolic users. We have been around for quite some time and have perfected our methods and operation procedures. We have had consistent success sourcing on DNMs, but the market closures and exit scams have caused us to turn elsewhere—the Clearnet. I am not unfamiliar to MESO, but we all know how it goes when alternative accounts are mentioned in introduction posts. The operation is well organized and is based around strict OPSEC and in-lab policies. Our team has a full-time operation manager, full-time shipper, one part-time brewer, and one full-time brewer.

    Quality Control:

    Regarding quality control, we soak our vials, stoppers, and glass media in laboratory-grade isopropyl for 30 minutes, and then use pressure and heat for final sterilization. All oils are double-filtered with .45um and .22um membranes. All raws are melting-point tested using a hotplate and IR thermometer before they’re used. For our oral products, we use geometric dilution and a mortar and pestle to ensure consistent dosage throughout the batch and to prevent any “hot spots” from forming. Our filler is sodium bicarbonate. Our brewers are both perfectionists, and the quality of their products speak for themselves.


    We take our OPSEC very seriously. All computers we use are encrypted and utilize a VPN that does not keep activity logs. Our website automatically removes customer data after an order is marked as complete. We only use encrypted email (Tutanota to Tutanota, Protonmail to Protonmail) and Wickr to communicate.

    1. Communication must be conducted via one of the following methods: Protonmail, Tutanota, or Wickr. Any email inquiry that is not encrypted will be ignored and deleted. It is important to note that Protonmail emails sent to Tutanota email addresses are NOT encrypted. Emails must be sent from Tutanota to Tutanota and Protonmail to Protonmail for them to be automatically encrypted.

    2. Tracking information will not be provided. This is for both our safety and yours. There are no exceptions to this policy. If an order does not arrive within 7 business days, contact us and we will look into it for you and handle the situation accordingly. We recommend signing up for Informed Delivery, which automatically lists all mail on its way to your address, on the USPS website.

    3. For your safety, customer information is automatically deleted after an order is marked as complete. Protonmail and Tutanota emails are automatically purged after one month. Wickr messages are destroyed based on user configuration, with the longest time being six days.

    4. We only accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), and Zcash (ZEC). There are no exceptions to this policy. If you need assistance purchasing cryptocurrency, reach out to us and we will help walk you through the process. A 5% discount is automatically applied to the cart total when Monero (XMR) is used as payment.

    Intro Sale:

    BOGO on all testosterone products. This sale will go live at 2:00am CST.

    Ordering Process:

    All orders must be placed on our website:

    Email orders will not be accepted. The only exception being if our webhost is experiencing downtime or you are looking to place a bulk order.

    Our minimum order is $100. For bulk orders greater than $1,250, please contact us via email. Shipping is $10, flat-rate.


    The first five customers to provide bloodwork will receive a $300 voucher for our webstore. All customers who submit bloodwork after the initial five will receive a $100 voucher.

    Contact Information:



    Wickr: GSCompounding

    My Current Girl's Tits:

    Final Words:

    We back all of our products 100%–if you’re not satisfied, let us know. We also encourage customers to conduct their own 3rd-party tests on our products; all 3rd-party tests sent to a reliable testing facility will be reimbursed. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with our hormones.

    We will be adding 20mL Test E, Test A, tren E, and Tren A in the next week or so. We are also considering adding Miglyol 840 variants of our popular oils if there is enough customer interest. We are constantly adding new compounds, but if there is something specific you would like us to carry, let us know.

    We look forward to serving the MESO community. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.
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    So you don't have any lab reports?
  4. Grayscale Compounding

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    Not at this time. We do have, however, our raw providers 3rd party tests, but I am hesitant to post them since they did not come from us. We also have current customers' bloodwork--if they're willing to openly vouch, I will have them post them. I believe a few of our past customers frequent MESO.
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    How does your quality speak for itself when you have zero blood work and zero testing?

    Sounds pretty silent.

    here let me help you:

    what machine do you use for dispensing oil?

    what machine do you use for your blending of oral apis and excipients?

    what machine do you use to fill your capsules?

    what filtration setup do you use?

    Why do you need to use a melt point test if you are experienced? I would say an experienced chemist should be able to identify almost all sarm and steroid raws by sight and smell alone. Or Is this in the place of real, viable testing?
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    As I stated in my previous post, we have plenty of bloodwork from customers, but I will only post them with their permission.

    We use a peristaltic pump with inline filters, both .45um and .22um.

    Oral raws are powdered by hand using a mortar and pestle. They are then measured and placed into a tumbler with our filler, sodium bicarbonate, for 45 minutes.

    Capsules are filled and tampered by hand using a bulk capsule set and tamper. Basic math allows us to achieve accurate and consistent doses in each capsule.

    You are correct--our chemists can tell the difference between raws based on sight and smell. However, we had an incident with a vendor in the past (who we no longer do business with) where a shipment of raws were mislabeled. Would you rather have someone brew your hormones with raws they think are correct based only on sight and smell? Or would you rather have them confirm the substances with an additional, simple test? It's the procedure we have been using since the beginning.
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    What incentive or reimbursement do you offer customers for labwork on your product?
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    We completely reimburse the cost of testing via store credit if they provide us with a copy of their invoice.
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    So you know how mentioning of alt handles goes, but you're going to go ahead and mention it any way? Ok , what's you're handles, since there are multiples of "you".
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    I mentioned it specifically to let you know I’m familiar with the community here. I included the second part to ideally prevent people from asking.
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    Pictures of stock with MESO and date on crumpled up paper.

    If you really have alt handles and are familiar with Meso, you know this is important.
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    I don't mean to be a dick but what makes me weary of trying your gear is that you don't have any lab reports and are unwilling to share the ones that your raws source has.

    I understand that you are offering store credit for lab reports, but that is kind of like making your customers work for you, when you could have provided it yourself.

    And on top of that, it's not even really a reimbursement, it's store credit. Which means that basically you are getting lab reports at a discount. Given the fact that your production cost doesn't equal the final price of gear.
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    Another pharma GMP labs, aka kitchen home made gear.
  14. Grayscale Compounding

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    Stock pictures with a time stamp will be posted as soon as our shipper wakes up. Should have included that in our original post, thank you for calling us out on that.

    That’s a good point. We will reimburse the cost of the lab tests with Bitcoin instead.

    In regards to your first statement, I am more than willing to post our raw provider’s lab tests. I assumed that since they did not come from us that they would not mean much to you all. I will do so in the morning.
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    Well at least they didn’t just post a price list and an email
  16. WCL

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    what machine do you use to dispense oil ? They aren’t the same as the filter.

    what model machine is your blender? Why 45 minutes? That’s considered incredibly long?

    And you are using a cap m qwik? To produce capsules?
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    third party tests from your vendors are usually faked. I’ve had completely bunk products with an 98% score with these tests.

    And to answer your smartass answer about melt testing: I want at least random picks of substances sent to hplc. If you’re confused about something, a melt test is great. But that doesn’t tell you anything except what it could be. You might as well use labmax for this purpose, it would work better.

    Basically what I’m trying to say is that you have a set up that’s great for maybe 1000 bottles a month and hey that’s a ton and you’ll make a million dollars in 4 years.
    But if you actually get sales, your current system will falter and the quality that clearly doesn’t “speak for itself” will decline under pressure. These are good problems but they are big problems nonetheless
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    You guys are too crazy/funny!! Asking for tit pics lol
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    So we're supposed to obey? GTFO. You've not paid attention. You want us to trust you with our identify and you won't disclose your history? Yeah, not happening
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