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  1. Depends on the carrier oil. I've run EQ 600 from SoCo in Mig a ton of times and shit is super smooth.

  2. Bro his web site says GSO lol. @Grayscale Compounding have you tested this? Is it thick? @600mg and with GSO it has to be like a syrup...Please advise.
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    Anything in mig is water.... love that shit!!
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    @Grayscale Compounding

    With the Test Prop 200 in GSO, what other solvents are you also using to get it to hold? Lots of guaicol? Can you give us the PIP reports for that before you get guys bitching about it.
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  5. I know that shit has to hurt @200 and with GSO....DAMN!!!
  6. My bad big dog, lmao I didn't read it on his website. I thought you were just asking in general.
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    perfect blend for a 3ml calf injection.
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    Just a proprietary blend of BA and BB, no super solvents. It’s actually very smooth. Believe it or not, Bostin Loyd actually uses our Test Prop 200. If you’d like proof, let me know and I’ll work on getting proof that you’d all approve of.

    Reading this gave me PIP.

    Also, I’m traveling right now, so please forgive any delayed responses to your emails or thread replies.
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    Do you source on his forum?
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    Not as of now. There are some OPSEC concerns that need to be addressed before/if we decide to. One of our brewers talks to him fairly recently, and he asked to try our products when we were deciding whether or not to source there and has ordered since.
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    What made you decide to come to meso?
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    Was it an order or was it freebies?
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    It was freebies from one friend to another, Loyd doesn’t ask for handouts like that, nor do we give free samples. Gear he received after that was through orders.
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    Thank you for the honesty in your clarification. That could have gone sideways quick since everyone knows Bostin is one of the biggest gearwhores!
  15. Any bulk pricing.
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    We do have bulk pricing. Please contact me directly.
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    You’re hitting every fucking source? Any scammers want to PM this guy he’s super fucking eager. Only been here a day and he’s full-on autistic.
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    Your cool you big ole keyboard bully
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    We don't currently carry it, but if there is enough interest we can consider stocking it in the near future.