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    Any pip?
  2. FYI, You cant test raws from "melting tests" because a lot of the raws have the same melting point temperatures so this is almost useless and wont tell you if it is xxx compound because xxxz compound shares the same melting point temperature as xxxC

    And melting tests dont test the purity. Raw powders can be damaged during transportation if kept in very hot temperatures which can happen in airplanes where the packs are kept.

    And .45um filters dont get all of the bacteria so i dont see the purpose of using this as a second filter.
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    the dual filter is likely an acro poly cap which has both built in.

    otherwise, it makes no sense to do so you are correct
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    Bro, your website is terrible. I can barely even read what your products are from the ‘category’ areas. That alone turns me off from even considering buying from you.
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    Also, your prices aren’t that great for the Meso market. Furthermore, the popular sources here also have purity test/blood work/etc results.
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    I would not expect most to trust us right away even if I disclosed my history, and that is fine and completely understandable. My other handle could be tied to my identity, which is why it will not be released. Those who do decide to trust us, however, will be happy with their gear.

    What’s specifically broken? We haven’t had any complaints so far. Let us know and we can get to fixing it.

    The site adapts to whatever device you are using, but I would recommend using a desktop browser for the best experience.

    I appreciate the price feedback. We will take that into consideration. Regarding 3rd party tests, our next batch of raws will be HPLC tested and the results will be posted on the website.

    I just tested the site on multiple devices, including an iPhone, and it works without issues and everything loads as it should. Mind posting a picture of how it looks for you? We want the site to be a simple and convenient experience.
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    I'm of the same opinion, you have a different username on here and wont disclose? That's not good, count me out.
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    Failed rebrand is what its sounding like.
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    Here you go. It just looks really bad.

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    No one involved in our operation has ever sourced on MESO or any other steroid board/forum.

    You are absolutely right, that does look really bad. Looks like the site isn’t properly gauging your mobile screen size. I will adjust a few things and have it looking as it should. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
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    In that case where do I send my money?
    Were supposed to take your word on everything else. I'm sure you're trustworthy and your gear is the cleanest and firerest of fire. We'll be completely satisfied if we just trust you blah blah blah.

    Im starting to see why you won't burn your alt handle
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    Don’t have answers for the technical questions posted hey?

    Or are you waiting for the quality to speak for itself
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    Wasn't it spartas front man that had to relay all technical questions? It doesn't matter they're new to meso.
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    This guy is a kitchen brewer with zero quality control
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    Must have missed your post.

    The peristaltic pump dispenses with .1mL accuracy. The filters are inline with the vacuum tubing.

    The drum mixer is a generic powder tumbler. We mix for 4-5 minutes to ensure an even spread of active ingredient throughout the filler.

    Our capsule set up is similar to a speed loader, but larger and allows for greater tamping accuracy and pills-per-hour.

    As I mentioned, it will not be disclosed since it could be tied to my identity.
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    Trust your lab? No testing. Lots of satisfied customers but can’t post their bloodwork. 3rd party tests from your raws supplier. AND the pricing sucks.

    Come back when you have something more solid to stand on. You’re a drug dealer anonymously selling on the internet based on “trust”.

    Solid pass.
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    "our chemists can tell the difference between raws based on sight and smell" let's hope they never get a job working for cstoms then.

    Are these chemists also passionate anabolic users ? I don't think I could use a lab where the chemists don't lift.
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    Why would you name your company after a highly contagious fictional disease?o_O
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    They're joocier than I am.

    Should be fixed. Let me know if you still have issues.