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    It’s fixed. Looks a lot better.

    Now fix your prices and lack of test results.
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    Your alt handles won't be secret long, they'll likely be your only good reviews.
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    I still dont fully understand.

    If you have an alternate handle here....
    You KNEW you were going to get roasted...
    No stock, no machinery, no lab testing.

    Prices, whatever... some guys will pay more.... IF your shit was qaulity.

    Either you dont know the ways.... or you're hiding something
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    seems like I didn’t miss the show yet. I see those tits tho. About it, not impressed.
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  5. You need pics of ur raws, finished stock and lab equipment, with the current date on crumbled paper that says Dallas blows... it should have been in your intro.
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    I understand that some sources introduction post can suck. Not everyone is an elegant writer. However, the way this was written makes me get a rebrand vibe. Also, I don’t know any successful sources that use darknet, UNLESS they were move street drugs. Is that something you dabble in perhaps? How about a couple photos of your equipment? Preferably of yours so I don’t have to waste my time reverse imaging searching.

    Do you have someone that is fully trained and qualified managing your website? Sources should not have websites unless they have someone on their team that knows about security. I don’t give a shit if you use tor, VPN, etc and think your guide you found on google makes you an expert, the fact is your website is the weakest link of your operation. Do you have keep logs of customer info? If so, is your database encrypted? Do you keep up to date with 0 day exploits? We all saw what happened with PPL and DO. If someone that is say... a penetration tester... spent 30 minutes of their time on the site and found multiple exploits that could be used, would you consider not using a website for your point of sale interaction?
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    Im like 95% sure I know what source this is or who this person is operating under.
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    Then post it? I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Getting roasted by other members if you’re wrong?

    Even if this member (turned source) didn’t have intentions on sourcing when he/she registered it makes absolutely no sense to disclose that you have another handle on meso. Why on earth would you set yourself up like that? That alone should make any member question doing business with this source.
  9. Grayscale Compounding

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    Images are being taken this evening. We have not moved street drugs in the past, the only exception being a short period of time where we sold pharmaceutical Dexedrine along with our other ancillaries and orals. We have not sourced on MESO or any other source forum under any other name or brand.

    Thank you for bringing this up--it is something many sources do not seem to take seriously enough. I personally oversee our OPSEC; I have a B.S. in Computer Science and I am working towards my master's degree with a focus on Computer Security. Our site is completely "sterile". It was paid for anonymously using washed cryptocurrency. I designed the site myself and took precautions to secure everything possible. All site traffic is encrypted and customer data is deleted immediately after being marked shipped. We also refuse to let customers create accounts on our website. The SQL database runs a routine I coded nightly that clears sensitive data. The database itself is also encrypted. The VPN we use was picked specifically because of their data retention policies. I have pen tested the site myself, its only glaring flaw was DDoS vulnerability, which I plan to address in the near future.

    Regarding cryptocurrency, which i believe to be the weakest link in most UGL's OPSEC:

    Far too many individuals believe Bitcoin is anonymous. This is far from the truth. All cryptocurrency we receive is washed via non-KYC exchanges and then traded for Monero.
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    I wouldn’t roast you if you were wrong, spill the beans man, harm reduction is what it’s about...
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    Let’s hear it! Now that mentioned something I’m gonna personally bug you until you do. I have immaturity issues like that!

    Let’s hear it!
  12. Grayscale Compounding

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    I'm curious as well.
  14. That actually did cross my mind earlier today. Wouldn't that be some shit.
  15. What's funny is, it wouldn't be the first time Freedom La...I mean Sparta rebranded.
  16. 2envy

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    Not enough broing it up to be Sparta.

    Regarding @Grayscale Compounding response to me. I'll save that for tomorrow.
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    Dexedrine??? Is that still for sale?
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    You guys don’t need to make this a cliffhanger. Nobody gets bonus points for suspense.
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    I understand. I could spout about how I have a bachelors in information assurance with 10 years (actually 9.4) as an active pentester with a resume of multiple incredibly popular businesses and institutions that our team has found massive security holes in, whether it was by social engineering, or using the most pathetic tools in Kali linux.

    My point is I think it would be more beneficial to have a technical discussion with the source considering he claims to have a BA in some sort of computer science major which I don't feel like putting the effort into at the moment.

    Not going to lie, I feel that NO source should have a website to place orders on. Sure, you can have a website with product information, but no type of commerce should take place. There is just way to many things that can go wrong.
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    Just give us all fair warning before you two have that nerd talk. I’d like to put my fingers in my ears for that.

    The website ordering seems like a really bad idea though.