GREAT NEWS GUYS: My Pharmacom Order Has Arrived!!!

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by mafaon, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. mafaon

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    Hello guys, I just want to provide an important update on my @Pharmacom Labs order. Recently I posted a thread saying how I fear my package may have been seized by customs.

    You can read the thread here (CAUTION: I was violently raped by a gang of muscled meso men in that thread).

    I am pleased to say that my package arrived today! I admit that I jumped the gun a little in that thread so I'll eat some humble pie. Nonetheless, this was my very first order so I hope you guys put things in context.

    Also I hope this thread provide some reassurance to anyone who ordered from @Pharmacom Labs and is still waiting on delivery. Just be patient, and it will arrive in due time. From shipping to delivery, my order took around 16 days to arrive. Sign up for USPS tracking updates by text and/or email and it will put your mind at ease.

    BTW, the gear was well packaged and all the compounds are in their original boxes with the correct labels affixed.

    I can't wait to get my cycle going!!

    Thanks @Pharmacom Labs


  2. Eman

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    I think I speak for everyone when I say - go fuck yourself.
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  3. mafaon

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    Thanks for your input. Is that all you have to add?
  4. goofyx102

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    OP, you dont have to create a new thread every step of the process. I think most members would appreciate that. You are always welcomed to post up your before and after cycle pics and blood work on the actual Pharmacom thread and say how it's worked for you.
    Anyways, GL on your cycle.
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  5. garbage-jim

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    Fella hope you learned to not jump the gun...or post certain things. Glad you got your gear.
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  6. mafaon

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    Thanks for your professional and respectful comment. Why can't all members be like you?
  7. Ozzy619

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    God damn I was mentally fucking and slowly scrolling, then bam, big dick
  8. Ozzy619

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    I think you actually might make it here
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  9. MindlessWork

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    Good you are learning fast how things roll here, bro...just relax some then there'd be no barking dogs like in that other thread you posted.
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  10. jaymaximus

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    ^ You mean the thread where he said this?

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  11. MindlessWork

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    Maybe I missed that post. I meant the thread where he posted about his pack being possibly seized.
  12. Ozzy619

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    Looks like he's going against his morals here :( looks like we broke another one in ;)
  13. MindlessWork

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    Setting people straight is a good thing at least
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    Wish we had that power on ugl too
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    Agreed..then we'd be in a better place, if this was a perfect world.
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  16. jaymaximus

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    I guess y'all are just more forgiving than me. Good on you.

    I think the OP has been a dick since he first showed up, and Ive seen all his threads / posts. He asks questions and even when people give good advice he talks shit and thinks he knows better. And not once has he said "my bad". We've had lots of people come in and act a fool, but all were man (or woman) enough to apologize if they acted retarded.

    I wouldnt expect this "guy" to though. He said in his first post, in his first thread that he was a skinny weak dude and he expected Steroids to fix that and his confidence. Steroids change the way you look, they change your strength, they dont change you.
  17. Ozzy619

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    I think he's just too hard headed to give up and a glutton for abuse. You guys gave him a reaming and he just takes it. I doubt he will be here after his first cycle.
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  18. element00

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    Rule #372 of ordering illegal shit online. Don't attach your real phone number or traceable email address to tracking
    Rule #373 of ordering illegal shit online. Don't recommend that other people should do dumb shit that could lead to trouble
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  19. Stroman

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    Also, don't provide your real number to @Pharmacom Labs, they put the provided number on the package.
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