Great to be here.

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  1. Hey all,
    Happy to be joining the forum!

    A little about me,
    6'1 Canadian lad.
    around 210

    I'm here to learn what I can,
    I've run a few different cycles over the years.
    I have made my mistakes, that's for sure.
    (Like running Drol and test with no AI and No pct as a teenager).... I literally cried a tiny bit when I realized I forgot to get chicken from the supermarket earlier.

    I've had many successful Cycles since then.
    My current favorite is Tbol/Test
    I have yet to make the tren plunge, looking forward to it.

    Long story short, I'm here to learn, have some fun and try to perfect my cycles and usage....but not just gear, there is a lot to still learn about nutrition, supplmentation and hitting the Iron.
    I am no slouch, so hopefully I can contribute in areas where I've had some experience.

    I'd love to contribute to the AAS community,
    Let's keep safe and Swol out there.

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  2. Forgot to add,

    One of the main reasons I joined Meso,
    Seeing you guys CRUSH sources.
    I may seem like people are just being dicks, but the behaviour and no bullshit attitude is keeping the newbies safe out there.
    Not to mention, it is absolutely hilarious.
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    Welcome, another canuck here. Read, learn, ask, listen and learn some more.

    It's a great forum
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  4. Thanks, will do.

    In my opinion, I have a long way to go before I can master the art of gear lol
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  5. Btcowboy

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    Gotta start somewhere and we have all been there. I am no expert onky been B&C for a little over a year now myself.
  6. Nice,
    From what I can tell, that's where I'm headed.
    I messed up my T levels when I cycled as a kid, so within a few years I will most likely be put on TRT by my doc.
    Currently I cycle every once in a while, with good results, but my maintenance has become an issue.

    Currently running GH off cycle to help maintain.
    Even with a pretty decent diet, its rough.

    I would like to learn enough from these forums to protect myself when I take the blast and cruise plunge.

    God knows I cant give up the lifestyle. lol

    Edit: Getting bloods done tomorow, it's been a while... we will see
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