Greater Pharma carrier oil?

Discussion in 'Steroid Pictures Forum' started by wildfuchs, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. wildfuchs

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    Asking for a friend, apparently this is the only gear he's found so far that doesn't cause an allergic reaction/inflammation/PIP so I'm trying to figure out the carrier oil, but the vial only states 'oily base' and I can't find much information about the UGL online, does anyone know more?

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  2. Boss hog

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    Have your friend go back to the source and ask them.
    I would be worried about floaters or something contaming the oil in your amber vial.
  3. TRT@40

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    ^^This on both points.

    Colour and viscosity can help to narrow down the list
  4. wildfuchs

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    source doesn't know anymore than what it says on the vial, my question really is as narrow as wanting to know the carrier oil and nothing else
  5. teejey

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    Color and viscosity would be best way to make an educated guess.
  6. B Ware

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    Not sure I've ever seen a more clear picture of a finger print.

    Could be anything. Especially being that its manufactured in Thailand. All I can contribute is that if its pharmaceutical it may be cottonseed as thats what mine is.
  7. iamnightowl

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  8. Jstone2

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    If your buddy is having problems with carrier oils, cotton seed oil is generally the most well tolerated carrier oil.
  9. wildfuchs

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    never received a reply unfortunately.

    it seems that he isn't tolerating any seed oils well though I'm not sure if it's because they share an allergen, nor if a skin prick allergy test can be used to determine carrier oil allergies...
  10. Crybaby

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    Not for me it ain't !