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    Pharmalogic Labs Green Tops

    11-13 5iu injected
    11-14 5iu injected
    11-15 5iu injected
    11-16 5iu injected

    11-17 10iu rHGH IM at 3 hours 7 minutes~19.7 ng/mL

    igf-1~452 ng/mL

    11-17 GH Labc.jpg

    Green Tops.jpg
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    These results are meaningless. The OP is compensated by labs to post these results.. They send him free stuff KNOWING it will be tested.. Then Joe the new guy buys based off the tests and gets garbage.
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    This^^^^ and heavy...even if you are an honest guy with integrity running like yellow snot from a sinus infection, the boards you work for are lacking both of those qualities. Know what I mean?
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    Same lab sent me under dosed Cypionate and I posted the results tonight. Good or bad the results get posted. I have been posting good or bad results for over 3 years now.
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    Then they really have no idea what they're doing, huh? Just because you post good or bad doesn't change the fact that you are compensated to test AND they know you're testing!!

    Keep doing your thing on garbage boards but you're not going to start doing this shit here..
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