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  1. Hello Meso, been a long time lurker here and on some other boards as well. I finally decided to join this community since it overall seems to be the most strict and well-informed regarding the safe usage of AAS.

    Some background info from me. As the title says I'm from Greece, 26 years old, got a degree in Computer Science and I really enjoy bodybuilding. As far as AAS experience I have ran a simple first cycle consisting only of testosterone E @500mg per week with aromasin at 12.5mg twice per week [on pin days]. The reason as to why I ran only test was to see how my body would react and how fast I would recover. Generally the results were okayish, I did have overall great gains and the recovery was sweet and smooth as the bloodworks suggessted. Currently I'm in the 'designing' phase for my second cycle which will be more 'aggresive' and I'm here in order to gather opinions and maybe take some suggestions from the more experienced members.

    I'm hoping to have a great and educational time on this forum.
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    Welcome bro!
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    Sounds like you are on the right track. Welcome this board is full of useful information if you look for it. Members are always willing to help, you may not always hear what you would like but you will always get the truth form these guys.
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