Groundbreaking? Low prolactin = low libido

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by kratom17, Aug 26, 2009.

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    kratom17 Junior Member

    I was diagnosed with a prolactinoma in may of this year. I requested blood work because of NO libido, and the list I went in with after researching included prolactin.

    I had a 3mm prolactinoma. Started cabergoline at 0.5mg a week. I was frustrated with having absolutely no libido so I took a second 0.5mg 2 days after my first. Two days later my libido was stronger than ever. That lasted about 3 days, then it disappeared again. I was suffering from bipolar symptoms because of the high dose of meds so I decided to stick with the doctors recommended dosing.

    I thought the whole time that my prolactin was still high, and that the brief period of having a libido was because I took so much cabergoline.

    My next blood work came in and my prolactin was so low there was no reading. The doctor advised I take 0.25mg a week. I did this for a couple weeks and still had no libido. Being a stubborn prick, I stopped taking the meds all together.

    I haven't taken it for about 3 weeks. My latest lab work just came in and my prolactin is at 1ng/dL or whatever the units are. It's still off the scale.

    My libido came back a little bit having stopped.

    My theory is that having extremely low prolactin will kill libido.

    What about other factors???
    Well my testosterone is at a 900. Everything else was tested and is normal. Thyroid is fine.

    Prolactin seems to be the culprit.

    I assume this is groundbreaking since Ive done hours and hours of searching and asking multiple doctors whom all said that low prolactin should not reduce libido... it is only the case when prolactin is high.

    The real results will come with my prolactin is normal again. I don't know why it hasn't increased by much.
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    avast322 Junior Member

    Ya I don't think low prolactin will lead to a low libido. I have an ultra low prolactin level (>0.3) for some weird reason (I think it has to do with TRH) and have a decent libido. I'm just a measley accountant but here's my two cents:
    Libido is very complex and has a lot to do with mental and physical issues. Prolactin is important but no clinically significant symptoms are associated with a deficiency. If anything, I would say that the reason that your libido was so high during this period would probably be related to the dopamine.

    From what I understand, some important factors that influence libido are LH, dopamine, and estrogen. While I don't have an MD (and neither do many people on this board), I do know that if I had to guess, the prolactinoma must have had some sort of antagonistic effect on your dopamine secretion. The reason you felt so high during that period probably was due to the fact that your brain was pumping out so much dopamine when it was not used to doing so after so many years of the prolactin. The crash may have been a burn out. Dopamine and prolactin have an inverse relationship as the hypothalamus secretes dopamine in order to inhibit the release of prolactin by the pituitary. Prolactin levels are also influenced by TRH.

    Question--You said you had a prolactinoma. What were your T levels like before this? What about other pituitary function (ACTH, LH, FSH, igf-1)??
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    kratom17 Junior Member

    I dont know whats wrong with me!!! What the hell! I stopped drinking (I drank a lot), abstained from pot, and am not on any prescription meds.

    I'm healthier in every regard compared to when I had a libido.

    This was when I noticed the decreasing libido over the course of a half year and requested the doctor order these tests:

    Total T: 518 (262-1593)
    Free T: 110 (47-244)
    SHBG: 28.1 (13-71)
    LH: 4.2 (1.24-8.62)
    FSH: 1.1 (1.27-19.6)
    prolactin: 22 (2.64-13.3)
    Cortisol: 202 (8.7-22.4)
    TSH: 2.68 (0.36-5.8)
    Free T4: 1.14 (.70-1.70)
    Ferretin: 28 (23-336)
    Vitamin B12: 309 (182-803)

    Prolactin: >.50 (2.64-13.3)
    igf-1: 163 (127-424)

    And the recent tests:

    Total T: 900 (262-1593)
    Prolactin: 1.0 (2.64-13.3)
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    markies Junior Member

    I too suffer from the same annoying affliction of low/No libido. My libido used to be thru the roof and was annoyingly high; But now I have been searching for years with doctors telling me I'm not 23 anymore get over it (I'm 40 now), I must be stressed (I'm not) and I got bloodwork done and testosterone levels were in the 600 range.
    Have you had this happen to you -you feel more libido after a lack of sleep? And/or after a night of binge drinking? I have recently read numerous articles that claim the brain releases more dopamine with a lack of sleep as well as after alcohol use. I'm going to try some herbs now that increase dopamine levels as I think my case might be low dopamine.
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    zkt Member

    If this is correct then you hve another problem:

    Cortisol: 202 (8.7-22.4)

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    kratom17 Junior Member

    Yeah, I do notice a big difference after I get a really short night's sleep. After binge drinking not so much though. I'm on cabergoline, which is a dopamine agonist. Right now I'm at .5mg a week. I might try 1mg a week. I work on my own now, through research. Fuck doctors. They aren't willing to put in the time and effort to actually help you.... and if they are, they aren't smart or educated enough to help anyways.
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    If you would, please answer the above post. If this cortisol is true, this might be much more than isolated hyperprolactinemia.Is it a typo? I would want to rule out a Secretory Pituitary Adenoma. This is important enough that this value really needs checking! Do you have an ACTH?
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    kratom17 Junior Member

    The cortisol was a typo. It was 20.2. Sent you a PM Scally thank you.
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    At this point, i recommend to discontinue the cabergoline (or any other prolactin med). The prolactin level was minimal. I think it is the only way to get a good handle on the context.

    Are you on cabergoline now?
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    kratom17 Junior Member

    I just started a few weeks ago again at .5mg/week after a break from it. The last dose prescribed before my 2 month break was .25 mg/wk. I have a new endo who I'm seeing in a couple days, so I'll discuss it there and hopefully get something resolved.

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