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    Is it as bad as ive read in terms of pip and overall health?

    When would be an appropriate time to use it? What im looking to order uses it. Thanks
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    What are you looking to order?
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    PWO is when its appropriate, sometimes.
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    What do you mean in terms of pip? It's used in products to actually reduce pip from what I've read. It had anesthetic properties. But it does have a horrible smell from what I've heard. And it's used in hard to dissolve products so it must be a harsher solvent.
    I have some on hand. I got some crashed dhb that I wanna salvage with the guaiacol. I'll report back once I've used it.

    From med lab supply:

    Guaiacol is an agent thought to have disinfectant properties and used as an expectorant. Guaiacol is produced when the lignin found in wood is burned, and it’s partly responsible for the flavour of smoke-preserved food such as bacon and fish, as well as peated whisky and roastcoffee. Although guaiacol is the main chemical responsible for smoky tastes, wood smoke contains a wide range of compounds which can be condensed out to form 'liquid smoke’, and used as a preservsative and flavor additive. Guaiaol can be found in some common household items like: Whisky, Kippers, Bacon, Hot Dogs, Coffee, Creosote & Couch Syrup.

    Guaiacol is a precursor to various flavorants, such as eugenol & vanillin. An estimated 85% of the worlds supply of vanillin comes from guaiacol. The route entails condensation of glyoxylic acid with guaiacol to give mandelic acid, which is oxidized to produce a phenylglyoxylic acid. This acid undergoes a decarboxylation to afford vanillin.

    Many plants synthesise guaiacol, and it’s often derived from plants of the genus Guaiacum. Insects such as locust, produce guaiacol in the gut to break down plant matter.

    Its derivatives are used medicinally as an expectorant, antiseptic, and local anesthetic. Guaiacol is used in traditional dental pulp sedation, and has the property of inducing cell proliferation; guaiacol is a potent scavenger of reactive oxygen radicals and its radical scavenging activity may be associated with its effect on cell proliferation.

    Med Lab Supply carries Guaiacol, that complies with European 88/388/EEC and 1334/2008/CE Flavorings directive. Manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). GRAS Certificate, Halal, Kosher Certificate and not tested on animals.
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    Im looking at an inj dht that would require daily inj. It doesnt sound like the best stuff to be injecting daily
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    It's not.
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    Didnt think so. Thanks
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    Acute toxicity of guaiacol administered subcutaneously in the mouse. - PubMed - NCBI

    Acute toxicity of guaiacol administered subcutaneously in the mouse.

    Martínez Enriquez ME, et al. Proc West Pharmacol Soc. 2009.
    Show full citation
    Guaiacol is a compound used as expectorant. In Mexico City, this product is being illegally used for aesthetic treatment with fatal results. The aim of this study is to confirm the lethal toxicity documented in humans. Male Swiss Webster mice (CFW) 30-45g were employed. Dose-response curves to guaiacol were performed by subcutaneous administration (6.25-400 microl/40g). Basal temperature was recorded 30-120 min following administration of guaiacol. Animals were continuously observed for 120 min after guaiacol administration, lethality and toxicity manifestations were recorded. Depending of the dose, high toxicity was observed; sub lethal doses (6.25-12.5 microl/40 g) produced tachycardia and hyperactivity, follow by sedation, hypnosis, high hypothermic effect (loss of 6 degrees C) dyspnea, myoclonus, hematuria, blindness, abdominal distension and in higher doses (25-400 microl/40 g) lethal effect. Necropsy showed hepatic and renal necrosis, pulmonary edema, hemorrhages and bladder clotting. We concluded that guaiacol is an extremely toxic product (toxic rating class 5) whose use should be restricted or banned.
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    I guess for our application, we should aim to use as little as possibly needed.
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    Be prepared to sweat it out at the gym and smell like a french chemical whore.:eek:

    Helps my tne with very little pip.

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  11. @AnTabolic73 its hard to find information regarding guaiacol and human administration, however I can assure you it’s quite poisonous.
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    So if I use TNE without guaiacol how often is to often.
  13. No such thing as too much then!

    You’re probably only getting 40mg/ml though.
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    How is BS solvent ? It's replaces guaiacol. Do you know about this?