Guess who’s back, back again..

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  1. After years of not posting and buying gear locally instead of through here I got tired of taking that 100 a bottle hit to the wallet for gear just as underdosed as it here. Im finally back on the board. Took hours to hunt down my username and get my password to finally reset. Here since the good ole Hammer and Astro days. (Sarcasm) as It seems it didn’t go too well with that, even tho my gear gave me gains... anyways, hopefully I can find some good or decent stuff this time around once again. Good to be back and ready to see what the community has new!
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    Welcome back
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    Welcome back. There's a few decent ones here.
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    One of the best cycles I have ever been on has been with Aztec labs, however that was 2 years ago. Another good one is Pharmacom. I would say they're one of the best in the league right now.
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    Welcome back bro.
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    Pharmacom can blow me
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    Why? lol I just got done running their mix3 or mix4 whatever it was. Had me at around 950mg test and 500-600mg deca. I thought it brought a lot of muscle maturness to be honest. Helped me gain 30+ pounds on bench too. 405-440.