Guide to Buying Gear on the Internet Anonymously

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    At the suggestion of an Admin, I'm going to post some guides I found and help edit. They have showed me the light for sourcing bulk gear inside the 48 states completely untraceably. Completely :)

    This is a comprehensive guide to buying gear from a trusted source anonymously with little risk involved. You do not need a prescription to do this. You do not need to see a doctor. You do not need to go to a pharmacy. You do not need an ID. You need the following:

    1) A Computer with an Internet connection
    2) A little time and a little computer skill
    3) Currency ? Bitcoins (I'll explain how to acquire these)
    4) A n anonymously registered email address (I'll show you how to make one of these)

    First thing is first, let me explain how to stay anonymous on the Internet and how to purchase things anonymously. The Internet is not anonymous and the explanation for that goes much further than this document. Using tools such as the Tor network, Firefox, Bitcoins and some clever tricks a regular user can effectively remain anonymous within reason.

    This guide is divided into 5 parts and is designed to be completed step by step. Your identity relies on it.

    Part 1 ? Gain Access to the Tor Network to browse anonymously

    A) Download and install Tor Browser bundle ( )

    B) Click connect at the Tor Network Settings window after installation and wait for Firefox to load the page indicating you are on the Tor Network

    C) You should be presented with a Firefox page congratulating and letting you know you are ready to use Tor. From this point on you will not use anything but the Tor Browser Bundle and Tor Network ? NO EXCEPTIONS (this means DO NOT USE YOUR REGULAR BROWSER)

    Part 2 ? Create Anonymous Email address

    A) Using Tor, Browse to and register for an account (DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME)
    *Email addresses that are created and accessed via the Tor Network are effectively anonymous* NEVER, EVER ACCESS THIS E-MAIL FROM A REGULAR BROWSER ? Tor Only ? DO NOT USE ANY IDENTIFYING PSEUDONYMS- USE SOMETHING YOU NEVER, EVER HAVE

    Part 3 ? Register on Agora (The Market Place), gather pricing for the gear you would like and obtain an Agora Wallet Address

    A) Using Tor, Browse to http://agorabasakxmewww.onion/register/PRkGlqANAf and register for an account (DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME) ? this is a special link for open registrations ? INVITE only

    B ) Once registered you will see the categories and the market place ? Select ?Drugs?, then ?Steroids?. Select the items you would like, note the cost in Bitcoins and proceed to the next steps. You will not be able to purchase anything as you do not have Bitcoins. Find out how many Bitcoins you need for your gear and write this number down. The Exchange Rate is listed in the top right of the screen in USD. So, if you need 1.3342 bitcoins (tabulated from your gear list) you would multiply that by the exchange rate, add 2% (you will see why below) and THAT IS THE MONEY YOU WILL NEED TO DEPOSIT

    C) Using Tor, Browse to http://agorabasakxmewww.onion/wallet (or just select Wallet from the Navigation Bar). You will see ?Deposit Bitcoins To:? and an ADDRESS ? COPY AND PASTE THIS ADDRESS in a text file and Label it: MarketPlace Bitcoin Wallet Address

    Part 4 ? Exchange Cash for BitCoins

    A) Using Tor, Browse to , create an account and use your anonymous email that you created in Part 2 for your email address. (DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME)

    B) After registration, please confirm your email address by checking your Safe-Mail account and clicking the link

    C) After confirmation, go back to and Select the ?I want to Buy Bitcoins? radio button, fill in your location, amount (remember to deposit 2% more than what you need, it cost a small fee to transfer funds. If you use the exact amount, you will not have enough) and on the Payment Method drop down box select ?Cash Deposit?

    D) The next screen will list Merchants that will transfer Bitcoins into your LocalBitcoins wallet in trade for cash deposit ? NO ID, NO SIGNATURE, NO WAY TO TRACK YOU (BofA, Wells Fargo, depends on the Merchant). When selecting a Merchant, please pay close attention to their Exchange price and ratings. Select an appropriate vendor, click Buy, enter the exact amount on the next page and follow the instructions step by step. You will have your BitCoins in 2 hours or less (users have reported it taking 2 minutes to have the BitCoins released)

    Part 5 ? Transferring Bitcoins to the Market Place (Agora)

    A) Using Tor, Browse to and login to your account. Browse to your wallet . You will see ?Send Bitcoins?. Copy and paste your MarketPlace Bitcoin Wallet Address, to here (do not try and type it), Enter the amount you want transferred (usually all of it), enter your password and click ?Send From Wallet?

    B) Within a couple of hours....Voila, you have Anonymous Bitcoins in an Anonymous Market Place where you can buy gear and other stuff too.

    C) Select the Gear that you would like and place the order. Your Bitcoins are transferred to an Escrow ? not the Seller. Once you receive your gear, you release the Escrow and the Seller is paid. This is your protection. If you never receive anything, you never release the Escrow and you can rate the seller poorly to warn other buyers. Escrow systems have been used for ages and are very safe for anonymous transactions. Do your reading and you will see that this system, as it is not flawless, provides a great deal of protection that even identifying market places do not have ? Disputes are handled by the [Administrators/Moderators]. Sellers have to provide proof of shipping it to the address you provide. Pretty simple and safe.

    D) Rate the Seller!!! This is so important ? so others know who to buy from and who to stay away from. Just like anything else, there are always scammers. Just use your common sense and do not work outside the Escrow system (this is called FE or Finalize Early). Do NOT work with a seller that requires FE ? use Escrow and you will be fine

    E) Pass this document along to TRUSTED friends and help this market place grow ? Gear Heads UNITE!
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    To be accurate, I said to go ahead and post information about TOR, Bitcoin, etc. and NOT guides to buying steroids.
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    This guy has been working hard the last few days. He's posting it up anywhere he can find I believe.

    And don't you worry buddy! We will have a source on MESO soon that only deals with Encrypted e-mail and bitcoins. They thing is... They will have referrals

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    Yes you did. I am sorry if I meant it any other way than that.

    This is a good time to mention that when you acquire Bitcoins like this, steroids is not all you can buy.
    You can buy just about anything you can think of
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    Guide to receiving undetectable, stealth, bulk Steroids

    Guide to receiving undetectable, stealth, bulk Steroids

    Most gym fanatics and the like have searched for way to acquire high-quality steroids affordably, securely, and timely. Even if you find a reliable online source, how did you order? With your credit card? With Western Union? At some point your identity was at risk this way. Even so, let's say you actually did place an order....Did you receive the package? You didn't get caught...that time...or you just gave up and have chosen not to join the darkside :) No more, come on in!

    This guide assumes you have a way of obtaining high quality oils from a trusted source . This will not be focused on purchasing steroids, but how to handle keeping high quality gear undetectable and what part you play in that.

    Mistakes are typically made trying to ship ampules, oils, packets, and/ or syringes all at once or two or more together. It is not illegal to buy syringes. It is not illegal to buy ampules. It is illegal to have them altogether if you do not have a prescription for the steroid. So how do you receive your steroids?

    Receiving ampules in anyway without a prescription is a RED FLAG. A few small ampules will slip by, but only by chance. Our mail is X-Rayed, photographed, cataloged and kept in a file. Without sounding like a conspiracy theorist, this is the truth; exercise extreme caution when ordering gear, especially gear that looks just like steroids in a lab ampule. That is probably why most sites recommend ordering 3-5 ampules per order , but 30 ml at a time? You can easily order 60, 120, or 240 ml for less cost, higher quality, and a faster lead time. 30 ml is barely enough for a cycle of even 300 mg/ml gear. We need a way to order bulk safely

    First, become comfortable with the fact that you have to do a little work to keep yourself safe. You don't have to be an expert to do this. Shit you don't even have to be a novice, just careful attention is all that is needed. For instance, steroids can be shipped in many types of containers that are sealed and completely safe. They do not need (and quite frankly unnecessary and impossible) to be 100% sterile as the solution contains sterilizing agents. The trick here is to find a good vendor. One that uses top quality oil, solvents and sterilizing agents, micronized powders, and sterile transfer techniques when manufacturing. All of these together will provide the user with plenty of top quality, painless gear at a reasonable price without risking jail time.

    Part 1 ? Acquire your gear (oil only)

    A) See Guide to Buying Gear on the Internet Anonymously

    Part 2 ? Preparing to receive your oil

    A) It is not illegal to purchase these things, but I would use Tor just in case, Using Tor, browse to or (do a Google/StartPage search for ?Cheap Pinz? - note the Z and you should see both sites (these are both reputable sites and nothing you order from here is illegal in the United States

    B) Order: 1) Order quantity 5-10 of the 60 Ml Syringe Only
    2) Order the appropriate quantity of ampules you will need to transfer the oil(s)
    3) Order quantity 25-50 18 gauge needles (you will use this to transfer the oil from the container to the ample)
    4) Order quantity 25-50 21 gauge needles (you can use these to pre-load syringes at a later date 5) Order the appropriate quantity of syringes with needles (eg : 25x1.5 inches is perfect)

    C) With this order design you 1) Place a 21 gauge needle in the rubber stopper of the ampule containing the oil you want in your preloaded syringes
    2) Unwrap a syringe with the 25 gauge, 1.5? needle and remove the needle
    3) Attach the barrel (this is a syringe without a needle), to the 21 gauge needle and draw as much oil as you want, when complete, unscrew the needle from the barrel being careful to leave it in the stopper for the next barrel (it will not pour out it upside down) and re-attached by re-screw the original 25 gauge 1.5? needle back in place. Place the filled syringe back in the wrap and store for later use. Continue this process until you have the desired number of syringes pre-filled.
  6. I whole-heartedly agree that every step taken to increase anonymity is a positive step. However, it is very important to note that grad students working on their thesis have found a way to, with a high fidelity, place incoming and outgoing Bitcoin transactions to an IP.

    Always remember, knowledge is power, but for every technology, someone is working to render it useless.

    EDIT: Source: Follow The Bitcoins: How We Got Busted Buying Drugs On Silk Road's Black Market - Forbes
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    Re: Guide to receiving undetectable, stealth, bulk Steroids

    why are you posting on mutable threads, instead of just one??? it looks like you have 4 or maybe 5 different threads started if I am correct??
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    Re: Guide to receiving undetectable, stealth, bulk Steroids

    They are different guides that I've personally used to aqcuire gear.

    I asked before I posted them :)

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    Great POST! This guy is right on!

    So here is where Bitfog comes into play. Let me tell you what these guys do and how it works (they are really, really smart programmers)

    First Bitcoins by nature are public (tracking them is). They don't have to "belong" to anybody, but where they are is trackable in the blockchain. What that means for you is a few things. You can (if they spent enough resources) track the beginning and end of a coin, as long as you can track how many times it was split and so on.

    A bitcoin can also be split into 1000s of peices, however. So here is what Bitfog does. You take your Bitcoins and it splits them into 1000s of peices and matches those 1000s of peices with statistically unrelated peices from other users that have deposited them and recombines them in random amounts and deposits them to random addresses over a random amount of time (addresses you have access to). This doesn't make it untraceable. It makes it unprovable that your bitcoins did anything other than be used in a deposit and withdraw. Bitfog even charges a variable rate to add to the randomness.

    As long as the smart people working for themselves stay ahead of the smart people working for the government, we aren't screwed....ha ha.

    Good point and glad you brought it up. Vendors must you Bitfog. If they don't they can be caught pretty easy.
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    Re: Guide to receiving undetectable, stealth, bulk Steroids

    A big thank you to the Mods for consolidating these Threads. :) They rock here.
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    Boosy - I do believe you left out one important part before using TOR browser you would want a VPN so that your local ISP does not know that your are using TOR which is easily detected by them.

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    You are overthinking it a bit. VPN actually hurt the Tor network when used widely and the makers of Tails (the live distribution) talk about this.

    It is not illegal to use the Tor network and that is really all the ISP can see when you are using it. That you are indeed on a Tor relay. So what? So you want to browse without being tracked? That is your god given right as an American to do that - fuck them if they say otherwise.
    Let me get into why VPNs are bad for wide usage of Tor. First they are private companies and can be pressured to give over thier customer information. You have to pay them somehow and that paper trail of money will lead them right to you.
    Aside from that, the design of the Tor network dictates that the more relays, ip addresses, routers and points it can go through, the more secure. So a bunch of Tor users using VPN essentially sticks a ton of traffic from Tor going through the same points over and over. This can lead to them finally figuring out who you are - they still can't see what you are seeing, just that you are using Tor. So by dispersing the connections widely you increase your security dramatically. The more points an "observer" or "attacker" can control, the more than can extrapolate about that data (geography, destination, etc...).
    That is essentially how they found Silk Road, by DDos the server and following the crumbs in the routers and traces. Once they located the server, they imaged the entire thing. Now that Silk Road's server is in a country (with fail over plan) that does not cooperate with the United States government.

    Pooling connections together is not a good idea - using a dedicated computer on a public wifi using Tails is about as safe as you can get. You should n't be doing anytthing illegal from your home internet. That should be common sense (meaning vendors, buyers are not going to be worth enough for LE to come after them).
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    Which is more important?

    You -> ISP -> VPN -> TOR -> Internet

    Keeping your ISP from knowing you use TOR?


    You -> ISP -> TOR -> VPN -> Internet

    Keeping your VPN from knowing your location?
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    You can sign up and pay for VPN service just as and probably more anonymously than you can buy AAS. There are several VPN services that don't require any personal info, accept bitcoin and do not log:
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    This is a great post and brings up a good question.

    Regardless, pooling connections together in a VPN can end up being bad for the end user (especially if it is a source).
    I figured you could anonymously buy VPN access. Shit, with this setup you can figure a ton out without doing much on your end.

    From what I can understand, if you are in a city area with a large fiber backbone, you should have plenty of people using Tor - so picking you out won't be easy or even possible.
    For those in a po dunk town where Tor would throw off alarms (like that dude in Indiana getting all those powders), I think you should use a VPN to mask your usage.

    Hackers do something entirely different through hacking and port forwarding. Setup a few zombie bounce machines in rural areas and then go into a VPN, then Tor and back through a would damn near need the entire NSA to figure that one out depending on the where the zombie machines were located.....I digress though :)
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    Boosy - you should read the link I posted and what the companies listed talk about logging and tying customer info to ips and accounts, etc... Because the ones that are listed do not keep logs nor do they tie a username to an ip - which is very important. Also, you have to remember that the endpoint of the TOR connection is open and can be traced - having the VPN helps with this. It is even mentioned as part of the FAQ of TOR project and that you should not use TOR without VPN - this is added protection. Me personally would not use TOR without it - my opinion and you of course will have yours.

    No records from VPN host - not traceable very reliable.
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    Exactly. A good VPN can be paid anonymously (or not, I don't give a shit with mine since they keep no browsing records on their encrypted data lines). Tor and P2P connections red flag your ISP fast. There is no way I wouldn't be behind a VPN first, and if I was worried about my VPN knowing about me I'd port forward my tor browser through a proxy.

    It still doesn't solve the problem of eventually having to give a source a ship address.
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    Very good read. VPN with no logs at all, nice.