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    Hey guys,

    Let me introduce you GymLabs. ( We've 5-6 products(injectables) from them available for fast and safe US delivery, tabs and more oils should be in stock soon.
    On our forum we've reviews and blood test posted by our clients.

    P.S. All intl clients, please, contact GymLabs directly.



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    workinghard89 Member

    Has anyone heard of this company? Or planning on giving them a run?
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    I have not. But the amount of websites and or UGLS that pop up is crazy. Welcome to the board please let everyone know about your brewing practices Gymlabs. Its important to us.
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    biggerben69 Member

    Back in june or july you lasted 3 pages. Looked like nobody wanted to try your drol or something?
    You also had the same story about having a light inventory with a re-up being imminent? Tough 6 months? Where have u been?
    That was you no? Different rep? WTF?
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    yeeyee Member

    Umm look BB69.. Lay off. Its obvious he's legit. Look at the pretty picture, he even has little labels that peel back and have instructions and shit :D I kid, I kid.
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    biggerben69 Member

    I'm on my phone here hiding outside in the shadows here in the Desert. I have a milk lady that stops by early in the am. A bit different than the milk man of days gone by.
    This one is working but she's detours here after slinging drinks at the casino downtown. There is milk involved but only because she's lactating? The milk lady does not pose any threat...she can only get pregnant once?
    Now the cute droid makes it look like a drawing? What's your take yee?
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    yeeyee Member

    Yeah I was just kidding. Its obviously a drawing. Thats part of the reason I was making fun of him. Plus the fact he has a drawing of it peeling back with instructions like a damn Aleve bottle lol. Sad thing is there's probably tons of 17 year olds out there that'd buy it just cause the label "looks cool". And my take is that it's horseshit but hey, I'm wrong a lot..
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    biggerben69 Member

    The OP was pushing the website that is his handle with the first 7 posts he made at meso while making sure he says that he/they are worldwide shippers of farmasomething gear. He then promptly fell off.
    He's back pushing a drawing. This would have made gearusing shake with contempt. He demanded pics.
    Gear logged on to a board I'm on(tid) yesterday with a handle that sounds as if it's forshadowing death.
    He threatened a group of us discussing with having our heads lopped off. Silly little fuck.
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    Purge Member

    On another board we nicknamed a user like Gear "DQ". He thought it was because he ate ice cream on a bulk. It really stood for "Drama Queen".
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    yeeyee Member

    Hahahah FREE SAMPLES NOOWW DAMNITT(my best GU impersonation). And yeah, I was wondering why his handle was one "source" and he was repping another "source" in his post.
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    nophat Member

    You guys beat me every time!!!
    Its amazine how eople pop up and show 2or3 products.
    why not wate untill you get more product?or is it so that you put a couple products up and hope to get a couple suckers to by your shit !!then fall of the map?
    Making it harder to trust a source.
    we are happy to have a few members that make it near impossable for meatheadsto show up and make it here on meso.your applacation will consist of
    bashing-to see how you respond
    a run down of your user name here and other see if your credit is good.
    And our secret weapons the couple of members that will tear you apart if you slip up and contradict your self and so on .the meso pack sticks together.
    and now you have bigben(sarcasm) on your side takeing it easy on you for now..Good luck if you are lagit you will be ok.
    IF NOT YOU CAME TO THE RONE PLACE!!:rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Candyskull Member

    Did you notice that he instructions seem to be how to dissolve the crystals that may form?

    That's just what I want. Gear from a guy who brews so well he implements crash recovery instructions into his labels :wtf:
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    yeeyee Member

    Yeah but I'm guessing thats not all thats on there. Im betting if you peel it all the way back it has recomended dosage for "children under 6 years of age, children from the ages of 6-12, and adults". Maybe a nutritional facts label..
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    I didn't expect to get much business from this board. We're doing pretty good with Pharmacom Labs orals and we had injectables from them too.If I'd rely on this board as the only place of sales our website would be gone, as you said, 6 months ago. =)
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    I believe, that athletes need to know what ingredients were used to make a gear. There're not too many labs who disclose the "nutrition facts", %90 will tell "WE HAVE A SECRET FORMULA".
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    1forthegeeks Member


    Then why even bother???
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    I'm not a brewer, I'm not making Pharacom Labs tablets or oils as well, I'm not in charge of making GymLabs gear too. UGL or Pharma Grade product may crystallize. It doesn't mean it'll crystallize, but place your prop/test/tren in a fridge......
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    Sales is not the main purpose.
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    Labels should look cool. We had customers saying : Yo, Pharmacom Labs packaging look like candies, not serious. But the packaging Pharmacom Labs has, I think is one of the best, if not the best. May be labels printed on a hundred dollar equipment look better... =)))

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    BIGMESC Member

    What is data collection?
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