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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pred, Aug 17, 2004.

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    Pred Junior Member

    Was watching the mens gymnastics last night and couldn't help noticing that these guys have great biceps development. Just curious what movements these guys do in training that might give them those great biceps?
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    Grizzly Member

    Well, let's see here...they hoist themselves up 500 times per day, they hold themselves at arms length 500 times/day...ummm that's about all I can think of, but I'm sure they do much more.
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    thick Junior Member

    lol they throw their bodyweight around like it is nothing. Grizzly watches it b/c the men wear tight spandex :D
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    Pred Junior Member

    Never said it was easy. Quit making presumptions. My question is what do they do? Is it more volume type training that is getting them those great biceps? Or what? I mean everyone of those gymnast's have bigger biceps than 75% of the guys I see in the gym (including me :) )
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    Kayz Junior Member

    Gymnasts work out with their body weight. They do a lot of push ups and stuff like that.

    But like everyone else has said, I think it is jsut the hours of lifting your own boddy day in and day out that creates this development. That is why they are so symmetrical...they don't have to worry about bad form when doing a bench press.

    And yes, Grizz does like those tight little suits they wear.
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    Fast Food

    Fast Food Junior Member

    haha.... grizz watches the mens synchronized diving with rambo.... those speedos turn them on!
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    Ronin_ Junior Member

    Im surprised there are not lots of gymnast type routines in Mens Health etc, as the gymnast physique is far more sought after than a bodybuilder's. I guess it's because they do so much volume so often it's not practical for an ordinary guy. But a high volume chin and rings based routine for the upper body sounds good
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    Meat Train

    Meat Train Junior Member

    That's right-- no legs on these guys! Ha-- I dare them to hoist a body with my legs up over their head-- snap their spine in half! Although, I can see myself getting into gymnastics if I had that equipment-- that bar would be bending something wicked!
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    Neodavid Junior Member

    Another way of looking at it...

    Succesful gymnasts have large biceps because it takes good genetics to have the potential to do what they do, and a lot of that genetically is fulness of muscle body, strength, and lastly size.

    A guy won a scientific award for discovering what they call 'the strength gene', which makes muscle much denser/stronger than normal. Every olympic athlete tested, has this gene.

    Obviously they work hard, but like most guys, we have strong and weak parts. My chest always responds, but my legs don't.

    Guys in competition will be weeded out unless they have superior 'everything'. Olympic athletes are weeded out from across the world.

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    kaybeekid Junior Member

    just wondering, how would one go about getting tested for this gene?
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    krom Junior Member

    You didn't hear, he landed a modeling gig with speedo.
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    Fast Food

    Fast Food Junior Member

    top model in the month of July !!!! next up is the "Wives Undies Edition" !!!
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    thick Junior Member

    read one of rambos first posts on meso
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    Neodavid Junior Member

    Holy shit, genetic testing is expensive. I know it's getting a LOT more popular... but you'd have to contact a lab and pay the price, which is likely way up in the 5 digit area (my guess).

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    KTCKSports Guest

    Agreed. Their biceps are impressive. It makes me want to go buy a chin up and dip machine and keep it in the middle of my living room
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    PDP Junior Member

    They are also about 5'5"
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    KTCKSports Guest

    That's even more impressive. Most 6 foot guys don't have biceps that developed.

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    rtlltj Junior Member

    being 5'5 with good biceps is easier than being 6'0 with long ass mfukin insertions. I mean once the guy thats 6'0 gets his biceps of good size they look better than the guy whos 5'5 it just takes alot longer.
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    ramboj70 Junior Member

    griz you going to take this from fat food? LOL
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    Grizzly Member

    Can't deny the truth. ;)

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