Gynecomastia and GH?

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    So just received a bit of an alarming/interesting/I'm making fun of my buddy call and I figured it's worth a discussion here. So he's been on and off blacks with me for about a year, recently he's been working out and starting feeling some tenderness in his chest when working out when he accidentally hit it with a dumbbell, the tenderness didn't go away so he went to the doc today and found out he has gynecomastia... he indicated he'd been taking GH (nothing else) and the doc seemed pretty convinced that was the cause. The doc indicated cancer could have been a problem but his nuts checked out. Anyway, wondered if anyone else had any thoughts on this. He's 44, to me it seems a little crazy. He was pinning about 2IUs a day (I guess due to black being 15, 3)?
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    Yeah the prog levels rise.

    I borrow this thread. Im 2 surgeys in, got it removed and it came back. Now i will be needing a 3d.. i just started peptides again, hex and cjc no dac and somedays off with mk + cjc no dac.

    And my gyno have gotten worse. I would like to know how to prevent this, cause i want to use peptides with my next surgery, to retain mass. But what a fucking bummer to do 3 gyno OPs and get NEW gyno while u heal, AGAIN. just from peps..

    So is there anyway me and TS can stop this?

    Except caber. Cause its only prog it raises right? so vitamin b6 would be good.
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    There are studies that show some subjects developed gyno while running GH.

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    I get significant gyno FAST from high dosage GH.
    GH is related to prolactin (google about it for more info).
    It sucks -- puts me a tough spot because I do need GH to heal, make gym gains, and anti-aging etc (I believe in it so much that I get it for my own parents and GF etc to help with fighting age related declines).
    But I get to pick healing/gains/anti-aging AND gyno... or no gh and no gyno... fuck it, I guess I will have some gyno
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    Here is some info I found explaining why this happens:

    22Kda HGH is the monomer of HGH that is synthesized as the single isoform for use in pharmaceutical HGH preparations. (the EXO HGH you all use from pharma to generics is ONLY composed of 22Kda HGH)
    The thing most people do not realize is that this single isoform is not the the only one our bodies produce and utilize. Our bodies produce a multitude of various isoforms and fragments as a pool of HGH isoforms containing 22Kda and 20Kda monomers, various dimers, trimers, tetramers all the way to 45Kda pentamers, not to mention numerous fragments around 5Kda.

    The 22Kda (synthetic HGH) and the 20Kda isoforms both have similar structure to prolactin, which is in effect a "cousin" to HGH as they belong to the same superclass of cytokines.

    22KDa (synthetic HGH) has a much greater binding affinity than 20Kda and other various HGH isoforms that would normally be produced endogenously via the pituitary rather than the single 22Kda isoform delivered exogenously.

    This is interesting and likely accounts for many of the noted side effects that people experience on HGH therapy. As we tip the balance in the body towards an unnatural ratio of 22Kda vs other isoforms, we also increase the propensity for increased Prolactin receptor agonism which curiously is responsible for more than the straight forward lactogenic effects we are most familiar with on mammary tissue.

    The diabetogenic effect of HGH and proposed impact on systems affecting water retention (RRAS, ENaC) may be mediated at least partially via an increased affinity for the Prolactin receptor.

    For instance with regards to HGH side effects re: hyperinsulinemia..
    22Kda HGH enhances Pancreatic Beta Cell proliferation and insulin secretion which is surprisingly mediated via agonism of local Beta Cell Prolactin receptors (PRL-r), NOT via HGH receptors(HGH-r).


    Cells treated with human growth hormone (hGH), which binds and activates the hPRL receptor, exhibited bell-shaped dose-response growth curves consistent with the sequential dimerization mechanism proposed for the hPRL receptor (Fuh, G., Colosi, P., Wood, W.I., and Wells, J.A. (1993) J. Biol. Chem. 268, 5376-5381).

    Prolactin (PRL) and GH have two distinct binding sites (site 1 with high affinity; site 2 with low affinity) that each interact with a PRL receptor (PRLR) to form a functional receptor dimer that activates signal transduction. (Langenheim JF, Tan D, Walker AM, Chen WY Department of Biological Sciences, Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634-0326, USA.
    Mol. Endocrinol. 2006)

    The fourth helix (helix 4) in the human growth hormone (hGH) molecule plays a role in binding to the GH receptor as well as the PRL receptor through topologically different amino acids. (Kato Y, Maruyama O, Chung HO, Tomizawa K, Kato T Biosignal Research Center, Gunma University, Japan.Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. (1996)

    Previously we have demonstrated that 20-kDa human GH (20K-hGH) is a full agonist for hGH receptor (hGHR) even though its complex formation with hGHR and hGH-binding protein differs from that of 22-kDa human GH (22K-hGH). In this study, we focused on the effect of 20K-hGH on human PRL receptor (hPRLR) (Tsunekawa B, Wada M, Ikeda M, Uchida H, Naito N, Honjo M Life Sciences Laboratory, Performance Materials R&D Center, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., Chiba, Japan. Endocrinology (1999)"
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    Sooooo can I just take prami or something???

    If I decide I wanna do gh how do I proactively counter gyno?
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    I wish there was something to help -- but I have found no solution and have continued to suffer from more gyno. I will eventually need surgery if I want to compete because it just does not look good IMO and only gets worse but never better (unlike E2 gyno that I have managed with aromasin and Ralox).

    "Dopamine Agonists (cabergoline, Bromocriptine) will do nothing for HGH binding to prolactin receptors. Neither will taking supps (B6, Ldopa, etc) that support dopamine production.

    If you think about it, it will make more sense.

    We use Dopaminergeric drugs/supps, because dopamine directly regulates pituitary prolactin output, primarily via the D2 receptor.
    So, all these drugs/supps will lower the natural production of prolactin which is great if you have levels to be concerned about.

    HGH, however, WILL STILL bind to PRL receptors even if you suppress endogenous Prolactin completely.

    So, the issue is NOT prolactin per say. It is the fact that HGH BINDS to prolactin receptors additionally to naturally secreted prolactin.

    No amounts of Dopamine or agonists will alter this fact...."
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    Next surgery get the glands removed and no more gyno ever