GYNO getting worse for no reason

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Nitrust, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. Nitrust

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    I have a gyno flare-up that happening for no apparent reason. There was a small lump in my right nipple that occurred about 6 months post cycle from my last and first cycle . It seems to be getting worse . My nipple is puffy all the time, hurts to lay on my chest and there is a large lump in my right nipple bigger than marble. I haven't touched any aas in over 12 months. I am concerned and thinking I should go to my doctor and explain what has happened. I don't know what else to do.

    When it first flared up I took nolva ar 20th a day for nearly a month and it seemed to subsided, but now it has come back with a vengeance
  2. Jimmyinkedup

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    You really should get blood work. Also see a Dr, this may not be simple gyno.
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  3. Nitrust

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    I had bloodwork from when I first noticed it. My e2 normal. I began to take nolva and things seemed to subside for a few months. Now, it's worse, it hurts like hell all the time. Has me freaked out really. I am going to make an appointment, however, I am not sure that I should tell me doctor that I cycled a year ago.
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    Maybe down play it and say it was some prohormone supp that increases test?

    Kinda find it odd having a flare up without using any AAS use.
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    Yeah, see your doc bro. If you have too tell him you ran a cycle of pro hormones if he doesn't know about your cycles.
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    Haha, great minds think alike. Lol
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  7. Nitrust

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    I already wad thinking to say this. My plan was to say I bought a supplement from a shop a year ago and I have been dealing with this for 6 months and I am concered. I did research and found out it was a prohormone
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    Personally I don't think it's an issue telling him you experimented with exogenous test, dr Jim has touched on this subject before and says it's not bad to tel your doctor about this, it is all confidential and it will help diagnose the problem much better. I have told my doctor with no issues whatsoever, if anything it was helpful, leading to prescription for cialis and possible AI prescription lol
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    In all honesty, a plastic surgeon doesn't care about you AAS use. Be honest with him or her. In this case it really is the best policy... Not to mention that they will most likely figure it out for themselves, and it will help with their prognosis. Gl and don't sweat it. It's a very common procedure, just make sure that the Dr performing the procedure is very reputable.
  10. lucabratzi

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    Did you're blood test test for prolactin?
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  11. Did they match pre cycle bloods? Reference ranges are to be taken lightly, normal for someone else may be extremely high for you. Im not certain but i believe there is a possibility that you are producing more testosterone and E2 than you were before your cycle. What about your progesterone and prolactin levels?
  12. Sampei

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    You sure it's gyno? Don't want to jinx you but... Could besomething else
  13. Nitrust

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    I didn't get my prolactin and progesterone checked. This seemed to happen right after I did 1 shot of tren 100mg. I decided to call of the cycle the next day.

    I didn't think that the one shot would cause this, but I'm pretty sure it did
  14. Nitrust

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    I'll have to check the lab work and get back to you
  15. Nitrust

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    These are the latest bloods. Done back in April

    I'm pretty sure this is the first blood work I got before cycle
  16. jJjburton

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    Is the flare up under the nipple?
    Does the lump go past the outer edges of the nipple?

    And does everyone have a aveoli lump under there nipple?

    And you should check it out Sampei has a good point, I don't wanna jynx anything either if levels are in range. maybe it can be worse but prob, not.
  17. Nitrust

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    The lump is under the nipple. It is very large, and it really dosent go past the nipple, of so, just a bit
  18. redrum720

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    Have you tried raloxifene
    I here good things for gyno
    But I highly recommend talking to your doctor first
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    Good thing I clicked on your bloodwork pic, got to see the three pictures of that hot broad you got in your photo bucket
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    Make your photobucket private @Nitrust its for your safety bro.