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    Figured I would start a gyno Surgery Log for anyone interested in hearing about it or looking into it. Break it into some background to the actual surgery so can fast forward if you like! Don't want to bore anyone as I feel this could be lengthy. I originally started posting on a Canadian board, but have to say this board has been most informative and has given more to me than any others. Did disappear there for a while but I am back!!


    A little background; I had pubescent gyno and would say it was from mild to severe. I have always been active playing sports (never concentrated on bodybuilding, but enjoyed lifting weights in high school to help other sports). Living with gyno as a teenager is brutal to say the least, shirts & skins in gym class was traumatic. I have never been overweight, but have always carried stomach fat but nothing overly bad. You'd think with how active I was I would not carry stomach fat but stubborn shit it is. Diet as a kid was to be desired, but suppose it is for any teenager. Canned foods, and microwaved food was abundant. Doing research to this day, I question if this contributed to it whether it be minor to severe contribution. Debatable, but we all know hormone based nonetheless.

    I had gyno surgery for the pubescent gyno 10 years ago when I was 23 years old. Difficult to remember the intricate's with it being a decade ago but the main things I remember; the recovering being quite slow for myself. The compression velcro tube (like a back brace) was uncomfortable and never really fit that well. Excited to see the final result was there, but never really came to be as to me as the nipples still protruded. I was still not really into bodybuilding at this point but sure intrigued me and still lifted weights for "well being". The before and after was quite dramatic, but I was NEVER happy with the results. Nipples still protruded to an embarrassing degree where I was constantly pinching them over shirts and bare. In attempt to make them "hard"; I am sure if you have had the slightest case of gyno, you know about the pinch and or trying to create goose bumps/making them cold. Whatever it took make them have a natural curve, even when alone, never mind around people. No matter how hard I worked out that fucking shit was not going anywhere.

    Which brings me to recent/present; my doc prescribed me mono-therapy for hcg a couple years back for low Test, which was a slippery slope for me which led to starting a cycle last summer. Keeping the possibility of gyno getting worse at the front of my mind, I was all over the AI's. I do want to say and trust me not trying to convince myself, HCG usage and first couple of cycles I would have to say had NOTHING to do with my gyno. But as the muscle was packing on, this protruded my nipples even more so. I went to couple of plastic surgeons, before going back to my original surgeon I saw 10 years ago. I had decided to go with him again, he had even stated 10 years ago he was doing maybe 10 gyno surgeries a year, now he is doing 10+ a month. So the popularity has dramatically increased (at least for him).


    This has brought me to yesterday where I had my 2nd Gyno surgery at age 34. A couple of weeks back, I did my pre-op appt. with the nurse. My blood pressure was astronomically high 164/108, she grabbed the doctor and doc was not willing to do surgery on me unless that # came down. Bit of a wake up call for myself to be aware of what the heck is going on with me and my blood pressure (side topic). They had me come back the following week and stated to drink a ton of water between now and then. Upon my return, while still fairly high but not as (forget this #), Doc had agreed to move forth with the surgery. Thankful, as I just wanted to get rid of this crap once and for all.

    Started taking a couple antibiotics the night before and had to be at the surgeons for 7:30 the next morning. Upon arrival, got into the wonderful hospital gown and surprisingly the nurse told me to keep my jeans on. Had another antibiotic and popped a t3, was on the surgeons table by 8:30AM. They never put me to sleep for this like they did last time, this time around was under local anesthetic. To be honest was a little timid on this, was thinking I would rather just be put to sleep. Few pricks of the needle to numb the nipple and the plastic surgeon started to slice me open along the under line of the nipple. While they drape you not allowing you to see anything, you can actually see in the reflection of the lights above everything the doc and his nurse were doing. Was not crystal clear but could definitely make out everything they were doing. As the doc was snipping away, was not too bad at all, could just feel the general tugging of the skin etc. here and there. There was a few snips in there as he was cutting out the tissue that made me cringe as the local anesthetic had not made its way to the spot. I would jump a little, tell him I was feeling it and he commenced to put in more freezing to the area and went back to snipping. As he got down to the muscle tissue I could definitely feel it more, let him know about it but explained as such. Bam, 1st nipple done onto the next. Doc made a joke, now I am good for only a training bra... On to the 2nd nipple, this nipple if I even felt the slightest bit of cutting I let him know and he put in more freezing so was a much more enjoyable experience. So if anyone goes under local anesthetic, I would tell them speak the fuck up and tell him you are feeling it a bit BEFORE he really cuts a spot you will feel.

    I was off the operating table at approx. 9:50AM. So only took the doc an 1 hour 20 minutes to cut out the tissue of both nipples and actually removed some lipoma tissue on my rib area that had been there for 9+ years or so as well. Was interesting as he makes a cut, squeezes the area and this little piece of fat popped right now. Felt interesting to say the least. All in all he took out 29 grams from right nipple and 28 grams from my left. Even as I was watching him cut it out was amazed how much was actually in there, this time around vs. 1st gyno surgery, this was a small case of gyno. Once the surgeon is done, the nurse helps you put on a surgical vest that I had to order online prior to surgery. Everything was still frozen so no pain at all. Got dressed, gave me some fruit, tea, water as I had not had anything to eat all morning. Girlfriend picked me up at 10:10 and I was on my way home. Popped another T3 and antibiotic around noon. Pain was still not bad, until later that evening. Popped a few more T3's and antibiotic and that was my day/night. In the evening is when the compression surgical vest was starting to bother me , at this point I was telling myself only 3-4 weeks of this compression vest. These vests are NOT made for bodybuilder's or anyone with shoulders for that matter. Nurse said I can cut into it to relieve some of the tension, but timid once I cut into it, it will tear completely. I only got 1, which may be a mistake, but still have my "compression tube/back brace" from my previous surgery 10 years ago.

    Sleep was alright last night, vest was not too uncomfortable, but the pain certainly set in only when I moved trying to get out of bed in the morning. I removed the gauze pads this morning under the vest and to look down and see no nipple protruding was exciting. Pain is next to nil still mid day following surgery, just don't move and if you need to I am sure T3's will help with that.

    Sorry for the details if too long for you boys, but find any other log I have come across is very limited in detail. I will keep up to date with any details I can provide or forgot about.


    Cost 10 years ago when I did this surgery was around $5000, fast forward to today and can say inflation has not affected this industry and was $5100 + $50 for surgical vest.

    UPDATE DAY 2/3

    Pretty much over the constricting factor of the compression vest, getting used to it fairly quickly. Not to say it's not annoying. I am going to hit up Sport Chek and get some under armor compression shirts to go underneath the vest. Thinking that will help quite a lot, texture of the vest the rubbing of it I can see getting beyond annoying/painful over time.

    The Pain is next to nil, yesterday only took 1 T3 with walking around the house doing chores was becoming a little too painful but more than manageable. Pulling my ass of the couch or bed sucks as flexing of the chest stretches the incision, uncomfortable but not overly painful. Don't feel any need for pain killers today.

    The good side these compression vests give you a nice V-Shape so not all lost.

    Update Day 4/5

    Not much to really update on. The chaffing of the compression vest was becoming a bit much and the under armour compression shirts certainly help. Underneath the armpit it is certainly cutting in and marking me, a bit uncomfortable to maybe a touch painful at times. For sleep I have resulted to the compression tube (back brace) to change up the compression around my torso.

    Pain in the incision area is non-existent and can't really complain of any pain the entire way through just "uncomfortable". Bumps while driving in a car seems to be the worst and still can't complain about that.

    I never know how to diet while not working out, diet has gone to complete shit but I still eat clean regardless. Lean proteins, quality carbs, and greens/veges.

    I am going to touch base with the post op nurse to see if doing light weights for arms is okay, I feel I will be ready in a few days. Nothing that will tear muscle tissue, just looking to get an arm pump going 15lbers and high reps. I don't plan on doing anything stupid unless 100% certain, again have invested over $10,000 over the decade on this chest. Will sacrifice being fat and lazy to look at killing it in the near future when ready. They are heavily adamant about not raising your arms above your head, but its almost self explanatory with the comfortableness it gives you as you even raise your arms to put a t shirt on over top of the compression shirt and vest.

    First day back to work since surgery was normal as could be minus the few questions here and there. People are generally not too nosy though. Not open about my surgery to co-workers, I said I was having tissue removed from my rib area, they seem to be buying it but don't want to give any indication I cycle cause soon as you say gyno (bitch tits) they will immediately know/assume.

    Any nagging injuries I have had (rear right shoulder pain), I can feel them healing fairly well so that's a plus. Never really know until you hit the weights, but I can tell there is somewhat healing already. Its only been 1 full week I have worked out, so not expecting magic on that stand point. If I would have known shoulder would feel this good after a week of not working out, would have done so sooner. Taking time off in the past has not worked in my favour so work through the injury and generally dissipates. Must know your body and limits/risks I suppose.

    Looking down at the nipples in the shower/mirror when the vest is off is quite the joy. Looking down and seeing puffy nipples since I was a early teen to not seeing them and only upper chest must is priceless. Nipples are still a bit swollen so imagine results to get better as it goes down. I do take high amount of fish oils and vitamin C (read somewhere they are natural anti-inflammatory). Any other tips to speed up recovery as such would be appreciated if anyone knows.

    For not having much of an update, suppose I rambled on there.

    Update - Full week + 2 Days

    No real update, looking to start leg workouts on Monday. Looking really forward as I feel like an absolute fat ass.

    Still a bit of bruising, and maybe just a wee bit of swelling. Nothing overly bad though by any means. Natural curvature of the breast is looking promising and beyond pleased with the results so far. $5k was a bit much to swallow at first but looking at the results is amazing, just because I have dealt with the problem for so long.
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  2. Show us your new tits man
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  3. Nice log.

    no homo but I second that motion^^^
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    Great log leave a link on the gyno thread . Wishing u a speedy recovery . And those 15# DBS and curls - I'd say just wait but I know the feeling ! I'm 5-6 weeks post now and still getting some light bruising around the areolas while direct chest work .
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    Haha will take pics once bruising and tiny bit of swelling entirely gone.
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    @tileguy123 what about legs? This Monday will be a full 2 weeks away from the gym and 2 days shy of 2 full weeks since surgery.

    Everything is looking great, tiniest bit of feeling on the compression vest when walking etc.
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    I'd say legs would be ok - I came back at about same time and trained them once or twice over that 2-4 week post op period . But if ur anything like me I finish all workouts with some light bi and tri sets almost ed . That I would try to avoid . Even tri pushdowns gave me slight bruising at 2 weeks out . I'm 5 weeks now and benching heavy again and they will still bruise and swell from a all out session. My theory of chilling while mentally hard - it'll allow other nagging injuries to catch up and allow for less overall scar tissue formation at incisions
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    Know how many grams they removed during your surgery? Did you have the entire gland removed or just tissue? Was your's pubescent, AAS, or both induced gyno?
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    Hey brother mine was puberty induced I gained 120 #s taking ssri meds during puberty - then lost it and was left with glandular tissue . They can't take all of the gland as u mentioned it'll leave a messy contour ... They removed 10 grams left side 8 right
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    @T-Diddy just want to wish you well with your recovery. Be patient and do it right.
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    @greenddog1 Hey thanks man appreciate it.

    Update - 2 Weeks Post Op

    Been 2 full weeks since my operation on April 1st. Have to say REALLY pleased with my results thus far. Incision is barely noticeable, and absolutely no puffiness of the nipple whatsoever. Just the natural curvature of my chest and I can't even see my nipples when I look down, have to extend my neck out to see. Granted I don't take my compression vest off more than I would say 15-20 minutes at a time; just for showering etc. I ordered the compression vest from pic attached (not me in the pic). To repeat these things are NOT for guys that lift weights, at the beginning was very tight in the shoulders and actually dug into my lats more on one side than the other. Actually cutting into my right lat; UA Compression shirt under this vest certainly helped. If going through the procedure I would get BOTH, maybe 2 of each if you can afford it so you can do laundry. The compression vest compared to my first and @tileguy123 experience, this seems to be the much better approach even with the mentioned down falls. He might be able to weigh in more but his compression method seemed undesirable, as was my 1st surgery compression 'tube'. Either I am shrinking and/or the vest is expanding but is much looser from when I first put the vest on. If purchasing, buyer tight boys.

    Unfortunately, still not in the gym :(. I know I am not ready yet, I did consider legs this week, but when I work legs I work em' did not want to bust a nipple or anything LOL. The compression vest pushing in on the nipples is not painful but very noticeable and uncomfortable, NOT painful by any means. To think it even pushing against my nipples on the stair climber was not appealing. I have invested way too much in this chest to jump back in the gym so going to wait for doctors approval.

    I do want to note I was in pct when I met my doctor for pre-op appt. That is the point he found me with EXTREMELY high blood pressure. At the time I was on clomid and nolva, with the crazy high blood pressure he told me to stop taking everything I was on IMMEDIATELY. This was of huge concern to myself with blood pressure so high, so I stopped PCT completely. I have to say I don't think I crashed overly bad, but my energy and libido and overall well being is certainly suffering. I have absolutely no desire to have sex with my girlfriend. She is somewhat understanding, but those patience are running thin for her. I don't know if it was the Clomid/Nolva causing such high blood pressure, but when I went back to see the doc it was in the normal range (still high in the normal range though) and had agreed to do the surgery.

    @tileguy123 I believe was in PCT as well during his surgery (he can confirm). Regardless of the high blood pressure, I strongly advise not going through PCT and Surgery. Pretty much the only thing I would change. We BBing minded people can get down pretty quick when not lifting and not being able to do so only amplifies the "depression". I tend to get quite depressed coming off cycle.

    Recovery/healing has been exceptional and normally see the surgeon 1 month post op, but he had agreed to see me tomorrow :). Excited to discuss the results with him, and when I can look at getting back in the gym or taking this damn vest off. I am ready to take this thing off, hoping he agrees.

    I DO WANT TO STRONGLY NOTE; When I move my right arm way out to the side or raise above my head, my nipple does sink in just a little, nothing major but is noticeable. The sink in is only maybe a 1cm on the outer edges of the nipple and only slightly in, but is noticeable. I don't remember this from my 1st surgery, but then again he did not take enough out I don't believe. MUCH better than having puffy nipples and trust this will get better over time. I will try and have my girl take pictures tonight of it. Notably left nipple is completely fine when moving arm out or over my head.

    Keep referencing @tileguy123 's procedure but do your homework with your surgeon boys (I am sure he would more than agree), there is PLENTY of information out there. Upon meeting my surgeons I asked how many they have done and similar to mine. They might just feed you what you want to here as they want your business, but you can gauge their authenticity if you continue to ask the right questions so research! 10 years ago when I first had it, there is NOTHING like there is today with regards to information.

    Once again I rambled on, hopefully did not bore anyone to even read this sentence.
    Cheers boys!

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    TDiddy you nailed every point i can think of my man..
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    Just spoke with my surgeon, things have progressed extremely well.

    As much I feel I was ready to take this compression vest off, sadly surgeon advised another 3 - 4 weeks. He stated I still risk having the surgery area filling up with blood; @tileguy123 can attest to that! Beyond appreciated his pictures as it will encourage me to leave this vest on and not risk it.

    Surgeon said I did not have to leave it on all the time, if was hot etc. take it off. Failed to ask him if I should wear during weight lifting, but thinking better to leave on for first little bit. Risk just ain't worth it I don't feel.

    Cleared to get back to hitting the weights, was just adamant the arms don't go above the head. Alas, pull up etc are not in the picture. In addition obviously don't push it too much and stop if it hurts. So hard to do when people like us are all business once we are through that door at the gym.
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    Curious to see how things turn out for you. I had the surgery a few years back but didn't get enough taken out. Going back in for a revision surgery in the fall,
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    you going to post up some pictures or what Tdiddy:eek:
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    Yeah, yeah... Will get some pics for you boys. Asking my surgeon for the before pictures, seems to be taking them forever.

    Update - 3 Weeks Post Op

    Well I was back in the gym this week, I was definitely ready for it. I did not push myself too hard, although legs on Monday I almost passed out (no lie!). With 3 full weeks off, maybe I hit it a little too hard getting back.

    I tested the waters with the chest press machine, I was wearing my compression vest during my workout; SUPER uncomfortable to say the least. But did not really know whether or not to workout with it or not, and did not want to risk it. Nonetheless, workout went great zero pain or complications. Obviously did not push it too hard but was moderate.

    Reaching above my head I am still a little timid on, when I raise my arms I see my right nipple sink in a little when my pecs move with my arms. Thus, with the nipple resting on the muscle looks fantastic, just the raising of arms I am not liking. Not drastic by ANY means but I do notice it and far less of an evil than puffy nipples with lumps behind them.

    Worked out tonight without my compression vest. Went GREAT, felt great, although I shaved my nipple hair for surgery 3 weeks ago, and my UA shirt kinda pulls the hairs now and feels weird lol. Will shave the nipple hair again and should not be a problem.

    Buy more than 1 UA shirt and 1 compression vest. You will be doing laundry a lot.

    Not getting much feedback on here so thinking this will be the end of my log. The waiting game of getting back into the gym was the worst of it and can't complain of any complications. Nipples feel weird to touch, I do keep up with the bio oil on the incisions and you could NEVER tell I even had surgery. Although have to say has nothing to do with the bio oil, not even sure if that shit does anything, but more of a piece o mind for the incisions to have "optimal healing".

    I will be posting pics soon.

    Cheers boys... GO FLAMES GO!

    P.S. I do want to note I am still going to be wearing my compression vest during the day and for sleep, just not for working out. I don't feel I need it but the surgeon said it will help with the healing process and will look much better and contribute to the nice curvature of the pec muscle.