Gyno Surgery Pics!!

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by johnnyBALLZ, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    Here are some pics the nurse took during the surgery yesterday.. ENJOY!!

    Right Side:


    Left side:


  2. tileguy123

    tileguy123 Member

    Good lord infectious bubble gum lol
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  3. tileguy123

    tileguy123 Member

    1.6 grams I thought ur nips were a solid eighth a piece. But seriously how u hanging in ?
  4. tileguy123

    tileguy123 Member

    How does the nip do when it's sewed back on ... Like if the gland has made the nip stretch over time can they fix that too ?
  5. pumpingiron22

    pumpingiron22 Member Supporter

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  6. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    I know right?! You couldn't even tell on the left side visually, he said it was growing inwards!! I only had a little pea lump I could feel on the left side.
  7. hotdog23

    hotdog23 Member

    Pretty fuckin sick dude. Hope it went well
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  8. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    16 grams.. I'm alright..

    It should all come out good over the next few weeks, I haven't even got to see it yet.. I go back in the morning for him to take the brace off.
  9. lightspan

    lightspan Member

    thanks. threw up in my mouth. swallowed same.
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  10. GigaloRob

    GigaloRob Member

    Well this certainly helped my cut diet as i now no longer have the desire to eat :(
  11. pumpingiron22

    pumpingiron22 Member Supporter

    Did the give you a chest compression vest?
  12. greenddog1

    greenddog1 Member

    Makes you wonder.... what else have they taken pics of?? Good to know all is well and did the delay mess up your vacation?
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  13. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    Something like that..

    Hahaha.. Well good for them.. :)

    Yea, vacay got screwed up but we'll figure something else out.
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  14. dper726

    dper726 Member

    Fuck Johnny that looks serious. Good you got it taken care of. Congrats on success surgery.
  15. tileguy123

    tileguy123 Member

    does insurance cover a cosmetic operation- is this considered cometic? I have gyno at about a stage 1 of 6 or least thats how i saw one graph
  16. dper726

    dper726 Member

    I highly doubt it brother. While I don't know the answer to your question. I want to say gyno surgery is no different then breast enhancement. Liposuction. I think only bypass has special considerations. But even then is largely funded I believe through other means other the Insurance.

    But not really sure tile, good question though.
  17. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    Dr. Jim has said he's seen some insurance accept it..

    I had to pay for it with a plastic surgeon.
  18. tileguy123

    tileguy123 Member

    like if your primary says the gyno is causing pain maybe ?
  19. I always wondered what they put in those beefy cheese burritos at Tacobell
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  20. dper726

    dper726 Member

    Next time I'm eating at Taco Bell all I'm going to think about now is Johnny gyno lump inside my rolled up tortilla
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