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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by ryan12928, Aug 18, 2004.

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    i recently had gyno surgery and its been over two months and the lump is still there. i do see a difference on the left side but i still have gyno there. on the right side it looks like i have a half of a golf ball under my nipple which is almost the same size as before the operation. if the sugeon didnt remove all the gyno would he be able to charge me to do it again? in other words if he tries to charge me to fix it would that be considered malpractice? i just dont have another $5500 to spend on the surgery again. its pretty depressing to go through all of the pain and time off from work and everything else to find out my chest doesnt look hardly any different! anyone have any answers for me? i have an appointment to see him the 30th. he hasnt seen the results of his work and im wondering what is gonna happen?
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    He charged you 5500 bucks for that ? My buddy here in Oregon, had it done for under $2000 bucks total..damn my wifes 34d's didn't cost $5500. I would threaten him with a lawsuit if he doesnt finish the work you paid for already. do you have before/after pics ?
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    I had the gyno cut out then lipo after. i dont believe it is swelling anymore. the gyno is still there. i just want to know if the doctor is obligated to correct his fuck up or if im out $5500. by the way, my surgery was done in NY too. just outside of manhatten in a town called Mount Kisko.
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    Dude Freaking threaten him now and don't freaking go back to him either. IF anything have him refer you to a board certified cosmetic surgeon who done many patients with gyno from adolescent teens to overweight men. The more broad experience the better. I am telling you from experience. Got gynocomastia tissue and glandular tissue removed when I was 15. Tits were small b's. You know my self-esteem was shot. Man always get references from former patients(make sure you speak to more than 2 that were happy with the results) and see some before and after pictures of the docs handy work. Also always make sure the motherf***** is board certified
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    the guy is board ceritfied. i just want to know what he is gonna tell me when i go see him the 30th. is he responsible for correcting the problem? is this considered malpractice if i still have a huge and very noticable lump? or am i just out the $5500? i hope im not out all that money. this is very depressing to go under the knife and find out the lumps are still there. VERY DEPRESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It is a possibiltiy that it could also be some scar tissues that you are feeling...are your nipples sore to the touch? Mine felt like they still had lumps right under the nipple also but over time, softened and pretty much went away. As far as the lump being right under the nipple, It is my opinion that it isnt gyno. If any were left, it would be between the nipple and your gets a little tougher to get the stuff further away from the nipple but directly under it is the most obvious and easiest to get to. Good luck to you. If the doc did miss some, he should correct it for free. Especially after that much money....mine cost around $2200 and that was back in 93.
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