Gyno “treatment”?

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    So I’ve recently seen a surgeon about some minor gyno I developed when I was 18, right after a cycle of the pro hormone MDrol.

    There has never been a big fat deposit around it, and in some conditions it isn’t noticeable. Of course in most it is, to me, not to mention the impossibility of the flat chest look irking me.

    Anyway the surgeon said that the risks surgically outweigh the benefits, and that I would seem “worked on.” Since it is a minor case of glandular tissue (the size of a mancala marble when you squeeze it together), I was thinking I could have some success with an “anti gyno” cycle of an AI or SERM even though it’s been 7 years since it developed. I am looking for recommendations given my situation, here is some info:

    14.6% bf
    25 yo
    Normal blood work

    Could I trouble anyone for any recommendations and expectations? Including anything I should do to return to a normal hormonal balance after the SERM/AI?
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    Get a second opinion from a plastic surgeon. It's very unlikely you'll get results from SERMs, except a lighter wallet...
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    Eman always has good advice, I’ve noticed
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    Look into my thread in the steroid section. My gyno removal thread
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    ... and worse vision
    potentially leading to a car crash, especially at night.
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    With any luck, you'll be taking an evening walk a little too close to the white line...
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    It is very minor gyno, the surgeon I talked to said he could do the procedure for $400, he just didn’t want to risk it.

    Is that a good sign, should I look for a similar (or at least far below average) price point from other surgeons given what he quoted?
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    If you want any constructive advice you need to post some pictures of it.
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  9. $400? wow that’s really cheap. are you in the USA?
  10. this
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    We need one of you tweaking your nipples...

    In all seriousness, if it bothers you that bad... Just pay the $400. Seems like a waste of money to me because it's not visible at all.

    OR you could get that guy to sign something that says $400 on it and then take dbol for a few weeks and go see him again on the day of the surgery. Be sure to have your camera ready.

    I kind of like the second idea but, you know, do you.
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    It was odd, he quoted me 400 then said he didn’t want to do it because he said the risks outweighed the benefits. He thought I’d have an unnatural look. Mostly, I just don’t like the feeling of having the tissue there. Does how minor it is mean I could get a similarly low cost from other surgeons if I shop around?
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    Attached is me pinching the tissue

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  14. shit $400 for keyhole surgery! sign the paper, take the dbol, and run!!!

    but seriously, if it bugs you and that’s the price it’s a steal. IMO nothing is noticeable but it’s your body, just remember you will have tiny scars underneath your nipples that may change their shape and color after they heal. you could have pockets in your chest also.

    i wonder if the surgeon is even going to anesthetize you for that price.
  15. cfreetenor

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    He did some work on the nipples to take some of the mass off of the points. That helped a lot with the noticeability. But my point is that he said he wouldn’t do it. I guess he quoted that price when he was still considering it. He did the nipplectomy with local anesthesia that he administered himself, just a shot and the procedure took about 30 minutes. I assumed a similar procedure for a tissue removal. But he won’t, I’ve asked him twice.

    Is there no other solution to help with the tissue? My considering SERMs was because of how small it was.
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    Lol... Bro, I was fucking with you.

    You know, I've seen a lot of these threads since I've been here... And me being me, I often joke that we need to see nipples being pinched. But this is a first, I do believe. So, high five... You made me laugh.

    I get that you have a complex about it. Lots of guys do. I personally think you need to let it go and see if it still bothers you in a few months or a year. You have such minimal tissue there that I wouldn't even deem it gyno. I wouldn't want to risk removal of such a small amount of tissue and make it ACTUALLY look bad.

    Yes, you can shop around but you will probably get a lot of similar responses. You can go for it with a doc that feels a bit more comfortable... But again, for what? There isn't anything there that's abnormal.
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    So am I gay now then? Shit
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    Make sure you look into that doc before you do this if it’s only $400.

    That said if that is indeed glandular tissue under there nothing will remove it but surgery. And it is likely to get worse if you cycle without controlling estrogen.

    I literally can only see the faintest amount. If you simply put on more mass it would be invisible.

    However if it’s a psychological burden just get it done with a good doc. I just had mine done (bout 3 times the gland size of yours) and I’m loving my chest.
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    The only thing I’m considering using again before having children is DNP. As a 25 year old intermediate lifter I feel I have a lot more to learn about natural lifting before I can take proper advantage of the risk benefit profile of AAS.

    I do plan to have it removed at some point. I really just want to figure out where I should prioritize it - I don’t really want to cycle at all while the tissue is there, and I won’t be for several years anyway.