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Discussion in 'Security, Privacy & Anonymity' started by MD2815, Sep 16, 2019.

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    Yeah no one is gonna click that. Especially coming from you o_O
  3. Bluerun

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    This is not a proper listing. I told you already. PDR shut down domains with no questions asked. It looks like you are a good guy not a hacker who steals money.
  4. MD2815

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    Good luck taking down ugmuscle
  5. Praeceptorem

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    Can you provide a list of what to do to counter a possible hack threat. Ya know theoretically?
    What styles to you use to get into ones source code ect ect.
    Or give a detailed guide on how to be as safe as possible ?
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    Aren't you that passive aggressive pussy that's upset you can't find a real job?
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    @ickyrica you mean real job as a drug dealer? why would I upset if my customers pay mee monthly fee and they make a lot of money selling steroids?
  8. ickyrica

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    No, I meant what I said. A real job that includes a tax rate. You're a hack
  9. Bluerun

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    @ickyrica I dont hack. I don't steal. I report illegal websites. Or I don't report them if they pay me. Hacking like MD2815 does means that you violate someones privacy and property. He is taking by force. It means stealing. And he is wrong because hacking can be reported by a drug dealer to his hosting company and hosting company will work with LE.

    Let me explain it. You can run a steroid store in Thailand. It's 100 legit business with tax paid. It is illegal to ship steroids to the US. So if you hack Thailand store the owner will report it and they would come after you.

    If I report Thailand store to the registrar who is in Europe or the US and site will be shut down there is no crime committed ;-)
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    So your a confessed snitch, so much better
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    Extortion is close enough to theft that no one is really going to care about the difference.
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    It is close enough. Fucking 10 years old is not the same as fucking 21 years old bitch. It's still fucking its close enough.
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    alright slowski, you should read my post again. I called you a hack, not to be confused with a skill set known as hacking. That's a translation issue, isn't it? Learn English if you want to play in our sandbox. Lol at your sad life.

    @eman not worth the time brother. This guy is a few short of a full dozen if you catch my drift. If I had to guess, this clown tried to break into the anabolics market a few times and has failed miserably thus leading him down the sad path he travels today (as I replied to him, too!)