Haemorrhoids & Erectile Dysfunction

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    Keller JJ, Lin HC. Haemorrhoids are associated with erectile dysfunction: a population-based study. International Journal of Andrology. Haemorrhoids are associated with erectile dysfunction: a population-based study - Keller - 2012 - International Journal of Andrology - Wiley Online Library

    Haemorrhoids are associated with regional vascular abnormalities and rectal pain, which are hypothesized to increase the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED); however, few studies have investigated the association between ED and haemorrhoids. This case-control study aimed to estimate the association between haemorrhoids and ED by using a population-based data in Taiwan. We identified 6 310 patients with ED as cases and randomly selected 31 550 controls. Conditional logistic regression was performed to compute the odds ratio (OR) for having been previously diagnosed with haemorrhoids between cases and controls. The results show that haemorrhoids were found to be present among 1 572 (24.9%) cases and 4 491 (14.20%) controls. The OR for prior haemorrhoids among cases was 1.90 (95% CI = 1.78–2.03) when compared with controls after adjusting for monthly income, geographical location, hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, obesity and alcohol abuse/alcohol dependence syndrome. Younger cases demonstrated a higher risk for prior haemorrhoids when compared with controls. In particular, the adjusted OR among cases <30 years old was 3.71 (95% CI = 2.74–5.02) when compared with controls. We concluded that there was an association between ED and a prior diagnosis of haemorrhoids.
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    Now how about some good quality HEMI-PICS...:D I mean I have seen a womans ass really stand out good during childbirth (fellas, dont watch this if you can help it - even a glimpse is risky business). But for the most part her asshole returned to normal. Now I have heard that REAL Hemorrhoids can be blood vessels hanging down out of the ass as far as one inch..:eek: Is this true??!?

    Also I think it should be noted that in the information I have received to date, a hemerroid surgery is the last thing in the world someone wants, as the pain, long term damage/traume, and physical changes are just unbearable, and LONGTERM..... like ass nerves never settling down right again..??!??
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    Actually, I was kinda thinking perhaps you could simply reach down and pump em when getting an erection and perhaps the proximity of the excess blood would go straigh back to the penis - Right.....

    So then the question is this (and should be posed to married men who have hemmoroids and wives that play with their asses during sex.). Or posed to their wives more likely. Are you really playing with his arse for his pleasure, or is it pumping his cock up inside you....? LOL
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    Let us know how your field research turns out!
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    For a long time I've believed this to be an issue. Does surgery to fix the hemorrhoids resolve the issue?