Hair loss on a blast and cruise

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by nervje, Jul 14, 2018.

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    Blast and cruiser here.
    Currently on a high blast
    1g test, 700tren, 400 mast.
    Highest blast i ever ran.
    Went to barber yesterday, he told me yesterday my hair is thin.

    I basically b&c since 4 years, and never really noticed an increase in hair loss, just when i blast i tend to lose more hair (hand through hair and theres 3 or 4 in my hand) while on cruise not so much.
    But does the hair loss increase over time and you go bald or so?
    I thought im not really prone to hair loss tbh, but what the barber said kinda surprised me.
    I mean, at the back of my head i always had a patch with a little less hair and i thought if its from the aas ok bht its not much, but after the years, did you go more and more bald?
    Or would you say the hair loss goes back when i cruise again? I just never noticed it really but that barber man..
    I mean at sometime its inevitable, but im mid 20s atm and didnt really think id go bald until at least 40+

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    Thats a mighty big blast for sure. The mast definitely doesn't help. It will speed up predisposed hair loss. What's the older men in your family look like? Bald or full of hair?
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    Turns 47 this month and a full head of hair still
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    Basically what im also wondering atm, at work for example, i tend to have a few hair on my desk at end of the day because they fall out. Are those actually hair lost, eg there will never be a hair growing at the spots those hair came from? I always thought jts not a huge problem because the fallen hair grows back, never thought about them being..dead there then. Because after 4 years of this i shouldnt really have a full head of hair anymore really im quite wondering
  5. You gotta look at everyone, especially on your mothers side. If you’re starting to experience androgenic alopecia, then when the hair finishes it’s cycle the new hairs will grow out thinner with each life cycle until they’re so thin and short that you can’t see them, or I suppose even nothing will grow. If you start noticing some shorter and thinner hairs on your comb, pillow, towel etc then you’re starting to lose your hair. There’s rogaine or propecia is more effective if you don’t mind side effects, I’d just go with rogaine twice a day, ketoconazole shampoo thrice a week, and nioxin the other days. And make sure you get good amount of nutrients for your hair. Honestly I think being predisposed to hair loss is better than being predisposed to bitch tits and puffy achy nips.
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    I dont quite know hair products but i guess those are some pills? Since i blast and cruise i dont really wanna use more shit than i already do you know..i was just wondering if it would get a little better when im on my cruise again, i never really noticed much difference but was kinda surprised when the barber mentioned
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    Yes, you won't lose your all your hair on 1 cycle, it will happen over time. You won't just wake up one morning with no hair even if you ran 10g of gear.
  8. propecia is a pill that prevents testosterone converting into dht which is why it has side effects but is most effective, rogaine comes in a solution or foam you apply to the scalp that increases blood flow to the hairs and the others were shampoo. Reducing my slow things down but when you lose hair due to androgenic alopecia it’s unlikely the hair will ever grow back, but some of those may actually stimulate new hair if you start it soon enough.
  9. "Hair today , gone tomorrow" lol . :( :p

    I never really noticed any great hair loss until I did that first tren-ace cycle . Then it happened weeks after the cycle was over :eek:. Sometimes it just takes that one big event to set off the hair loss process....
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    Nah i never really noticed, i first used tren like 3 years ago already.
    I still wouldnt have seen a difference in hair except my hairline in front is a little bit redeceding (going back). Other than that i wouldnt have noticed if it wasnt for that fuck barber