Halflife of Protein Drink?

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    About 10 or 15 years back, my Primary Care Physician was going over my meals with me. I told him I created a protein drink the night before, set it in the refrigerator, and brought it with me as an "after workout" drink the next morning.

    He asked why I did not bring the protein powder in and mix it after my workout. I explained that the drink had smoother texture after sitting overnight in the refrigerator. He said that smoother texture is because the protein I am using is breaking down after being mixed with water, and that a portion of it has been converted to fat.

    Since then, I put my powder in a mixing cup and add the water when I am ready to drink it.

    Seeing premixed drinks sitting on the shelf makes me question this. They taste like ass, so they could have an added chemical to keep the proteins from breaking down. Or, maybe only certain proteins (like Ionized Whey) break down after being mixed.

    I'm not interested in Bro Science. But I would like to have someone explain to me if my doctor was mistaken or if there are certain proteins that break down faster than others - and possibly explain to me what is going on.
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    Your doctor was smoking crack. How the fuck does water convert protein into fat? I’ve got a boner and some pop tarts patiently waiting for an explanation.
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    It might start tasting like random ass the next day.
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    Yes. I really laughed out loud on that one.
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    Nutritional alchemy, that's a new one.
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    but first let me drink some protein

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    It could potentially ferment and the sugars break down into alcohol that would take longer than overnight if it could ever happen in such a cold environment as a refrigerator. Alcohol can denature certain proteins. So assuming wild yeast are present and theirs enough sugar to feed it and the temperatures right the good doc is still full of shit because your shake would taste like shit before that happened.;)
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