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  1. Logan44551

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    Any operators on here? My house uncle recently passed away and I inherited all his HAM radio equipment. Looks like I need to get an antenna, but have everything else to set up a small bench. I have been studying online to take the operator test. Any advice would be appreciated in terms of set up. Thanks fellas
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  2. Uglyrichie

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    My brother in law and my father in law are big into it I can ask them if you want. If so let me shoot me ur questions
  3. ickyrica

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    Subbed cuz I'm a nerd
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  4. sinewave3

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    Taking the test and getting some Ham gear is on my list of fun stuff but I never get around to it.

    Once you pass the 1st test you get one of those badass call signs too!
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  5. rugerjitsu

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    I had a buddy that lived was into the sticks of wv that was really into this stuff. He told me he talked to a guy in Jamaica on his radio...could that be true?

    Aside from making friends in different places, what is there to do? Could you start a radio show or something?
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  6. Endure

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    You can communicate around the world on certain radio frequencies, yes. It's all based on propagation and physics.
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  7. Kakarot

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    Its true, my old service manager was into it big time. Went to all these HAMfests where teams try to get the most contacts in a set amount of time. They can bounce off the space station when it's in range and get crazy fucking distance.
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  8. Neewbiest guy

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    I used to operate HAM radio years ago. I would talk to people in Australia. I'd give my call sign but then you'd know who I was if you liked it up.
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  9. Neewbiest guy

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    What kinds of radios do you have, uhf, vhf, 10 meter, HF? I had a couple of hand helds, a VHF/UHF in my work truck, and the a pioneer HF on my bench at home. I don't have any of it anymore, but they were fun to tinker with.